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Gannet Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


    Gannets are massive and spectacular sea birds which considerably resemble albatrosses in dimension and conduct, however are most intently associated to boobies. Like albatrosses, gannets mate for all times, breed in massive colonies, and spend a lot of their lives at sea. In North America, your entire inhabitants of gannets use solely a handful of coastal breeding colonies. (1)

    Recognized for his or her unimaginable diving potential, gannets plunge into the surf from as much as 100 toes above in pursuit of prey which they hunt utilizing their eager eyesight. (2)

    Amongst human cultures, gannets have a considerably blended status. Like cormorants, these birds are sometimes related to gluttony and thievery. However, birdwatchers typically make pilgrimages to witness their huge colonies firsthand. The gannet is a fully gorgeous animal whose distinctive variations permit it to thrive within the harsh however lovely atmosphere of earth’s stormy seas.

    Gannet Symbolism and That means

    The chief little bit of symbolism related to the gannet is gluttony. In England particularly, however not solely, the phrase “gannet” is commonly used to discuss with somebody who greedily devours massive helpings of meals. This phrase is commonly used to complain about individuals who take greater than “their share” of communal meals, comparable to at events or gatherings. This status for gluttony could come from the statement of gannets feeding. When gannets find shoals of fish, they dive into the water at excessive speeds in a flurry of exercise that may seem like a “feeding frenzy” to the uninitiated. What many don’t know, nevertheless, is that gannets really don’t interact in “kleptoparasitism” like many different sea birds do. In truth, gannets are fairly thoughtful of one another and can keep away from encroaching on one other gannet colony’s feeding space. Researchers consider that avoiding different gannets’ feeding areas could also be a practicality relatively than a courtesy, nevertheless this conduct continues to be fairly a far cry from the gluttonous gannet which has made its method into the trendy English lexicon. So, whereas gannets could characterize gluttony, they might additionally characterize restraint, technique, and misunderstandings. (3)

    Gannet Pair
    Photograph by Birger Strahl on Unsplash

    Albatrosses are sometimes touted as among the most romantic birds round, and for good cause. The web is bursting with tales of Wandering Albatrosses who await years to reunite with a misplaced mate, or Layson Albatrosses who spend a number of years at sea earlier than selecting their mates and bonding through preening and particular courtship dances. (4) Gannets, nevertheless make stiff competitors for the devoted albatross. Monogamous birds which mate for all times, gannets carry out a wide range of bonding rituals together with nibbling on one another’s necks, touching their payments collectively, and making clacking noises. As soon as collectively, the pairs will spend the remainder of their lives rearing younger collectively through the breeding season on the identical nesting web site 12 months after 12 months. Gannets are devoted dad and mom who fiercely defend their younger. (5)

    A gannet could then characterize marriage, romance, devotion, faithfulness, parenthood, household, or safety.

    Gannet nests are fairly massive and have been recognized to comprise bizarre objects collected from human particles. Shotgun shell casings, false enamel, and golf balls are simply among the uncommon objects which have been discovered constructed into gannet nests. (6) So, the gannet may also characterize collections, eclectic-ness, and eccentricity.

    Lastly, the lengthy stretches of time that the gannet spends at sea can also affiliate this hen with endurance, vacationers, mariners, and navigation. A gannet could also be thought of a great luck allure for lengthy voyages, particularly people who traverse oceans.

    Gannet Native American Symbolism

    Whereas it’s tough to discover a supply that particularly names the gannet within the context of Native American folklore, sea birds on the whole are necessary to a variety of costal Native tribes. In lots of instances, sea birds are related to storms and adjustments within the climate in addition to the may and energy of the ocean itself. On the Pacific Island of Rapa Nui, or “Easter Island,” for instance, terns and frigatebirds are a part of an historical custom which mandates {that a} ceremonial king be named primarily based on his potential to win a race to search out sea hen eggs. Whereas this particular custom doesn’t embrace the gannet, it does spotlight the significance of sea birds to coastal cultures. (7)

    Gannet Christianity Symbolism

    Cormorants, a sea hen which considerably resembles the gannet, are talked about within the Bible as examples of animals that are too unclean for human consumption. Thus, the gannet could also be related, in biblical iconography, with uncleanliness and impurity. For a lot of Christians who admire birds, nevertheless, this affiliation is weak and unsatisfying. As a substitute, gannets and sea birds are considered symbols of the wonder and stability of nature and the gratitude that Christian’s must share for the pure world. (8)

    Gannet Celtic Symbolism

    Sea birds like gannets are related, in Celtic folklore, with the otherworld, the supernatural may and affect of the ocean, and with numerous sea gods. The god Mac Lir from Irish folklore is particularly related with seagulls and different seafaring birds. (9)

    Gannet in Goals

    Dreaming of a gannet is a surefire signal that you’re prepared to maneuver to the following step in your relationship. The devoted lifelong romance of the gannet is one thing that most individuals lengthy for. Whether or not you might be ready to pluck up the braveness to place your self on the market or considering diving into a brand new milestone in a longtime relationship, dreaming of gannets signifies that someplace deep down you already know it’s time to go for it. Your coronary heart is crying out for deep connections and being courageous and taking the plunge is the one approach to forge this form of bond.

    Gannet Wings
    Photograph by Benoit Gauzere on Unsplash

    Moreover, dreaming of gannets could converse to a need for neighborhood or a big household. Not solely are gannets devoted dad and mom, however they rear their younger on large rocky colonies with many many gannet households close by. Dreaming of a gannet could point out a normal need to attach with a bigger neighborhood.

    Gannet Encounters and Omens

    Encountering a gannet is nice luck, particularly for somebody who’s about to undertake a voyage. Gannets spend lengthy stretches of their lives at sea, diving from spectacular heights onto shoals of fish and squid beneath. A gannet encounter can point out a thirst for journey in addition to an internal fortitude that enables one to climate no matter storms could come. As well as, encountering a gannet could also be an indication to take coronary heart and have braveness. Gannets should belief themselves to remain aloft over miles and miles of roiling sea. Moreover, when the time is true these birds take death-defying plunges into the foamy waves. Encountering a gannet could also be an indication to belief your instincts or to “make the leap” and courageously dive into no matter problem life sends your method.

    Lastly, a gannet encounter is likely to be a reminder to not choose others too rapidly. As talked about beforehand, the identify “gannet” is related with gluttons. Gannets, nevertheless, are a lot much less gluttonous than their reputations indicate. Encountering a gannet is likely to be a reminder that not each assumption you make about others might be true. Let individuals present you who they’re earlier than you make any hasty selections.

    Gannet in Mythology & Folklore

    Gannets are usually not typically the topic of main cultural myths, nevertheless, like different sea birds, they’re related with many sailors’ superstitions. It’s typically held that the slaying of an albatross, for instance, is unhealthy luck for sea voyages. This custom may very neatly apply to the gannet as nicely. Moreover, seagulls are generally considered bearing away the souls of sailors who’ve died at sea. The gannet is also related with this. (10)

    Japanese Mythology:

    In Japan, cormorants, that are considerably just like gannets are historically used to fish for fisherman. This historical custom includes skilled birds with strings tied round their necks to forestall them from swallowing the bigger fish that they catch. Gannets haven’t been used for this, however they’re comparable sufficient to cormorants that they may even be related with cooperation, luck, and a bountiful harvest. (11)

    Greek Mythology:

    Though extra typically related with kingfishers, the Greek delusion of Halcyon and the “Halcyon days” can generally be related with gannets. On this story, Halcyon was the daughter of the god of the winds and was fortunately married to a human man named Ceyx. Halcyon and Ceyx had been so deeply in love that even the gods watched them with admiration. This meant that when Halcyon and Ceyx made a non-public joke in regards to the gods, the eavesdropping gods overheard and grew offended. Due to this overheard joke, Ceyx was doomed by Zeus to die on his subsequent voyage at sea.

    Gannet in Flight
    Photograph by Jeffrey Eisen on Unsplash

    Though Halcyon begged him to keep away from crusing, Ceyx made the ill-fated journey anyhow. Sadly, Ceyx couldn’t escape his destiny and his ship was destroyed by the cruel sea. When Halcyon discovered the physique of Ceyx on the shore she leapt into the ocean in her grief. In an act of regret for Halcyon’s heartbreaking anguish, the gods revived and remodeled her and Ceyx into sea birds in order that they could possibly be collectively. Halcyon grew to become a kingfisher (which is known as “halcyon” in Greek) and Ceyx grew to become one other sea hen, which is usually thought of to be a gannet. Sadly, although they had been collectively, Halcyon and Ceyx’s nests saved getting battered by waves and their offspring misplaced. Pitying them, Zeus declared that there can be fourteen days of clear nonetheless climate every year. These can be the “Halcyon days”; the times throughout which Halcyon may safely lay her eggs and lift her younger. (12)(13)

    Gannet Spirit Animal

    If the gannet is your spirit animal then you might be prone to be extraordinarily pushed, emotionally clever, sociable, and centered. The gannet spirit animal needs nothing greater than to supply for his or her family members. Bold of their careers, gannet spirits by no means lose sight of what’s really necessary and all the time find time for their households. A need to construct a steady and affluent house is the gannet’s most driving motivation.

    Gannet Colony
    Photograph by Phil Botha on Unsplash

    Folks with the gannet spirit animal typically appear considerably straight-laced as a result of they’re unlikely to begin conflicts or deviate from the trail that they really feel is true. Regardless of this, nevertheless, when one will get to know a gannet spirit it turns into evident fairly shortly that these people have an eccentric aspect. Folks with the gannet spirit animal don’t reveal their weirder pursuits to simply anybody, however they are typically fascinated with the weird. The gannet spirit is a born collector and likes to fill their house with odds and ends.

    Gannet Totem Animal

    If the gannet is your totem animal then you definately possible embody most of the identical traits current within the gannet spirit animal. As well as, the gannet totem tends to be fiercely protecting and imbued with an inherent sense of justice. If the gannet is your totem animal then you definately may see your self because the defender of the house and protector of the household.

    Folks with the gannet totem are easy-going and forgiving, however they completely hate being lied to. Dishonesty is a significant taboo for the gannet totem animal.

    Gannet Energy Animal

    The gannet energy animal is related to vitality. Flying for months at a time over the open sea and diligently feeding and rearing helpless offspring is not any simple activity. The gannet by no means complains, although! These highly effective sea birds appear to have an countless drive to outlive and carve out a residing in a troublesome ecological area of interest. If the gannet is your energy animal then you might be bursting with vitality and able to enduring even essentially the most exhausting trials.

    Folks with the gannet as their energy animal use seemingly countless vitality to gas their highly effective ambition and obtain the objectives which encourage them.

    Gannet Tattoo That means

    A gannet tattoo is a superb alternative for somebody who spends lots of time at sea. These birds are thought of good luck for voyagers and are related with navigation, travels, and homecomings.

    Somebody may also select a gannet tattoo to characterize love, romance, and faithfulness. The lifelong partnerships of gannets are touching and inspirational fashions for human relationships.

    Gannet with Chick
    Photograph by Phil Botha on Unsplash

    Lastly, one may select a gannet tattoo to characterize both gluttony or the risks of misjudging others. Whereas the gannet is related to gluttony, this affiliation doesn’t mirror this hen’s precise conduct.


    Gannets are massive lovely sea birds with advanced and heartwarming relationships. Gliding over the cruel however lovely sea, these birds characterize each the extreme problem of surviving Mom Nature’s challenges and the stunning and unimaginable tenderness that one can discover upon intently inspecting the pure world.