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How Robust Is a Cane Corso’s Chunk Pressure? The Fascinating Reply!


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    The Cane Corso is a big and highly effective breed of canine, initially bred in Southern Italy for guarding livestock and property. It’s recognized for its muscular construct, robust jaws, and intimidating presence. In addition they have one of many strongest chunk forces of any canine breed. However simply how robust is a Cane Corso’s chunk pressure?

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    Chunk Pressure Checks

    So as to measure the power of a Cane Corso’s chunk, a number of exams have been performed. Scientists have used K9 Chunk Bars and Digital Chunk Meters to measure the chunk pressure of various breeds. These units measure the pressure utilized by the canine’ bites.


    The outcomes confirmed that the Cane Corso had the second highest chunk pressure of all of the breeds examined, with round 700 PSI (kilos per sq. inch). This was solely surpassed by the Kangal, which has a chunk pressure of round 740 PSI. As compared, people sometimes have a chunk pressure of simply 120-160 PSI.

    For sensible comparability, the chunk pressure of a Cane Corso is sufficient to simply penetrate leather-based or cloth and may trigger critical damage if used improperly. Additionally it is highly effective sufficient to interrupt bones, similar to when it was utilized by law enforcement officials within the seize of a harmful prison in New York Metropolis in 2017. That’s a strong chomp!

    To check this with different animals within the animal kingdom, the chunk pressure of a Cane Corso is extra highly effective than that of each lions and tigers, which have been measured at round 300 PSI. That makes the Cane Corso one robust canine! Their chunk pressure is akin to the wolverines which have a chunk pressure that may attain as much as 600-700 PSI. Bears, nonetheless, nonetheless reign supreme with a chunk pressure of round 1,000 PSI.

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    Picture Credit score: Sbolotova, Shutterstock

    The Chunk Pressure of Different Breeds

    How does the Cane Corso’s chunk pressure evaluate to different canine? Some small canine will be simply as highly effective as their bigger counterpart, particularly on account of their small dimension. For instance, Chihuahuas had been discovered to have a median chunk pressure of between 100 and 180 PSI, whereas Pit Bulls confirmed a formidable 235 PSI. Listed below are the chunk forces of some widespread canine breeds and the way they evaluate to a Cane Corso and a human:

    Cane Corso 700 PSI
    Doberman Pinscher 600 PSI
    Bullmastiff 550 PSI
    Rottweiler 328 PSI
    American Staffordshire Terrier 328 PSI
    American Bulldog 305 PSI
    German Shepherd 238 PSI
    Pit Bull 235 PSI
    Boxer 230 PSI
    Chihuahua 100-180 PSI
    Human 120-160 PSI

    Security Considerations

    Whereas the Cane Corso is an extremely robust breed, it ought to by no means be used as a guard canine or assault animal. It is very important keep in mind that these canine are inherently pleasant and loving creatures, however their power and dimension could make them harmful if not correctly skilled or dealt with by skilled house owners. Accountable house owners ought to all the time take the required steps to make sure that their Cane Corso is well-trained, socialized, and supervised when interacting with different individuals or animals.

    Concerning the Cane Corso

    Nearly offered? Let’s be taught extra about this spectacular breed.

    • Measurement: The Cane Corso is a big breed, sometimes weighing 80-120 kilos and standing 25-27 inches tall.

    • Temperament: This highly effective breed is thought for its loyalty, intelligence, and protecting nature. Whereas it may be aloof with strangers, the Cane Corso bonds intently with its household and likes to play video games.

    • Well being: The Cane Corso is mostly a wholesome breed, however they are often liable to hip dysplasia and different joint points. It’s essential to supply loads of train and psychological stimulation to assist preserve your canine completely happy and wholesome.

    • Train Wants: The Cane Corso is a extremely lively breed and desires loads of train to remain wholesome. It’s really helpful that they get at the very least an hour of bodily exercise per day.

    • Intelligence: The Cane Corso is an clever breed and will be simply skilled. They’re wanting to please their house owners and bond intently with them.

    • Grooming Wants: The Cane Corso has a brief, thick coat that requires minimal grooming. They need to be brushed a couple of times per week to take away any lifeless hair and bathed as wanted.

    • Good With Youngsters and Pets: The Cane Corso is thought for its light and protecting nature, making it an amazing household pet. They will get alongside properly with kids however ought to all the time be supervised when interacting with them as they might turn into too excited or boisterous on account of their dimension and power. They will additionally get together with different pets if correctly socialized from an early age.

    • Particular Traits: The Cane Corso is a brave and protecting breed that makes a wonderful guard canine. They’re additionally recognized for his or her spectacular chunk pressure, which is likely one of the strongest amongst home canine.

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    Cane Corso FAQs

    The place does the Cane Corso originate?

    The Cane Corso is an historical Italian breed, believed to have originated from the Roman Molossus. It was used as a guard canine and searching companion for hundreds of years earlier than turning into in style in North America within the late Nineties.

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    Picture Credit score: Sbolotova, Shutterstock

    How a lot train does the Cane Corso want?

    The Cane Corso wants at the very least an hour of train per day to remain wholesome. This will embrace walks, runs, hikes, or taking part in fetch within the yard.

    How a lot does a Cane Corso eat?

    The Cane Corso will sometimes eat round 4-5 cups of high-quality kibble per day, break up into two meals. The quantity might range relying on the person canine’s dimension and exercise stage.

    How a lot does a Cane Corso price?

    The price of a Cane Corso varies relying on the breeder and placement however sometimes falls between $1,000 and $2,500.

    What’s the common life expectancy of a Cane Corso?

    The common life expectancy of a Cane Corso is 10-12 years.

    Does the Cane Corso shed?

    Sure, the Cane Corso does shed and would require common brushing to maintain their coat trying its greatest.

    Is the breed hypoallergenic?

    No, the Cane Corso just isn’t hypoallergenic. They could produce extra dander than another breeds and is probably not supreme for these with allergic reactions.

    cane corso sitting on grass
    Picture Credit score: Hoika Mikhail, Shutterstock

    Is the Cane Corsos harmful?

    No, Cane Corsos are usually not sometimes harmful. With correct socialization and coaching, they are often properly behaved and loyal household pets.

    Is the Cane Corso good with different canine?

    Sure, when correctly socialized they will get together with different canine. It’s essential to introduce them slowly and in a managed setting to make sure that they get alongside.

    Is the Cane Corsos good with cats?

    Sure, with correct socialization and coaching, the Cane Corso can be taught to stay peacefully with cats.

    Can Cane Corsos be left alone for lengthy intervals of time?

    No, Cane Corsos are usually not really helpful to be left alone for lengthy intervals of time. They’re social animals and want plenty of consideration and love from their household.

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    Well-known Cane Corsos from Historical past, Motion pictures, and TV

    There are a number of well-known Cane Corso canine all through historical past and popular culture. Notable examples are Tito from the film I Know What You Did Final Summer season

    • Dozer from the TV present What’s Taking place

    • Raffa, from the movie The Name of the Wild

    • Hooch, from the 1989 movie Turner & Hooch

    • Loretta, from the Netflix collection Ozark

    • Buddy Cianci, former mayor of Windfall Rhode Island and beloved Cane Corso proprietor

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    Because of its alertness, braveness and loyalty, the Cane Corso makes an amazing addition to any household. With correct coaching, socialization and train, this breed can actually make an exquisite addition to your property! Some individuals could also be hesitant about proudly owning a Cane Corso, however with the precise steerage and care, they will turn into loyal and devoted family members. They could require a bit extra train than different breeds, however their intelligence and loyalty make them price their further effort. So, if you’re enthusiastic about getting a Cane Corso, they make nice canine. However remember that they do have one highly effective chunk!

    Featured Picture Credit score: Stivog, Shutterstock