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Lapwing Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


    The Lapwing is a big and interesting wading fowl discovered all through Eurasia and acknowledged for its putting plumage, feathered crest, and iconic “peewit” name. The Northern Lapwing is the most typical Lapwing present in a lot of Europe and, as such, is commonly thought-about to be the major fowl to which the Lapwing names belongs. (1)

    Lapwings are known as such due to the way in which that their wings are rounded on the suggestions, moderately than tapered or pointed, and since their flight usually appears to be like “floppy” or “lazy.” Northern Lapwings are additionally known as “Peewits” after the sound their attribute cry. (2)

    Lapwing Symbolism and Which means

    Lapwings are sometimes related to drama and deception because of a case of mistaken id. A gaggle of lapwings is known as a “deceit.” That is very seemingly attributable to a habits exhibited by many wading birds similar to killdeer and plovers. Killdeer and comparable plovers are recognized to participate in a habits whereby the birds will feign accidents when predators wander too near their nests. Hopping dramatically about with a wing dragging on the bottom, the birds convincingly act as if they might make a a lot finer goal than the hidden nest. As soon as the predator is led far sufficient away, the fowl springs into motion and flees. It’s seemingly this habits which provides teams of Lapwings the title “deceit,” however in reality this habits has not been recorded in Lapwings regardless of their similarity to the wading birds which carry out it. There are different theories as to why Lapwings are known as such, however this one appears to be probably the most credible to me. Thus, whereas Lapwings can symbolize deceit and trickery, a extra apt symbolic connection might be made between Lapwings and ideas like mistaken id and hasty judgment. (3)

    Lapwing Standing Tall
    Picture by Sonia Nadales on Unsplash

    Lapwings are migratory birds which cross lengthy stretches of earth’s topography looking for appropriate climate circumstances all year long. Birds that spend their springs and summers within the British Isles might be discovered as far afield as India or China through the colder winter months. Due to their migratory nature, Lapwings have often been discovered as “vagrants” in areas the place they don’t sometimes reside. Vagrant birds are birds that, attributable to quite a few causes, have wandered far outdoors of their ordinary territories. Heavy storms, uncommon climate patterns, and inhabitants booms are just some causes for vagrancy. Though Northern Lapwings are endemic to Eurasia, they’ve often been sighted in North America. Thus, Lapwings manner symbolize wanderlust, journey, navigation, turning into misplaced, or discovering one’s manner. (4)

    One fascinating little bit of custom related to Lapwings is the little-known proven fact that the Easter Bunny may’ve initially been a Lapwing. It’s believed that Lapwings are not less than partially chargeable for the thought of rabbits laying eggs. Lapwings could also be wading birds, however they have an inclination to prover a habitat of grassy farmland over rocky shorelines. These grassy habitats are residence to many rabbits and hares, so it’s straightforward to think about them residing in shut proximity. Moreover, Lapwings nest in “scrapes” within the floor moderately than conventional birds’ nests. So, when a rabbit is chased by means of a discipline, it isn’t unusual to discover a pile of Lapwing eggs close by. Individuals who didn’t get pleasure from trendy science may’ve concluded that the bunnies had laid stated eggs. In actual fact, some variations of this origin story state that Lapwings would take over rabbit burrows, laying eggs in them after which working away when the rabbit returned. The returning rabbit would then find yourself sitting on the intruders’ eggs, resulting in confusion for human observers. Because of this, Lapwings might be related with springtime, fertility, renewal, Easter festivities, and celebration. (5)(6)

    Lapwing Native American Symbolism

    As talked about beforehand, Lapwings are solely discovered within the Americas in restricted circumstances whereby “vagrant” birds wind up outdoors of their residence territories. Intently associated to Plovers, Lapwings can nonetheless be assumed to carry most of the identical symbolic connotations as Plovers and different wading birds in Native American cultures.

    Northern Lapwing in Grass
    Picture by Walter Brunner on Unsplash

    In Native American symbolism, the Plover can generally symbolize loss of life, passage between worlds, and safety. In response to a fantasy from Central California, the Killdeer, a species of Plover, guards the river by means of which souls cross after loss of life. If any residing human touches the river’s water, they’re remodeled right into a fish. The Killdeer watches the river and warns people who come shut by crying a warning cry. (7)(8)

    Lapwing Christianity Symbolism

    Lapwings are talked about in sure translations of the scriptures as “unclean” birds which aren’t match to be eaten by people. They’re in any other case absent from the Bible. Most variations assume that the “Lapwing” of the Bible is definitely meant to be the “Hoopoe,” a equally crested Eurasian and African fowl who in any other case bears little or no resemblance to the Lapwing. (9)

    Lapwing Celtic Symbolism

    Though unofficial, the Northern Lapwing was declared the Nationwide Chook of Eire in 1990 by the Irish Wildlife Conservancy. (10)

    Their tendency to nest in springtime associates these birds with emigrate and nest in springtime associates these birds with renewal and the altering seasons.

    Lapwing in Desires

    Dreaming of a Lapwing can counsel that one feels a need to journey and discover. Lapwings migrate over fairly appreciable distances and vagrant Lapwings counsel that these birds are susceptible to wandering off monitor a bit. Dreaming of a Lapwing could imply that you just really feel a name to journey.

    Lapwings are sometimes mistakenly labeled as “deceitful” attributable to their reference to Plovers and Killdeers. Regardless of this label, Lapwings are by no means actually noticed participating within the trickster “damaged wing shows” that these different birds make the most of. Dreaming of a Lapwing may imply that others are judging you for the corporate that you just maintain. It might additionally point out that you just really feel misunderstood by others.

    Lapwing Encounters and Omens

    Encountering a Lapwing is sort of straightforward to do within the areas the place they’re discovered. Lapwings are gregarious, social, and susceptible to nesting a lot additional inland than one may count on from a wading fowl. In case you’ve lately encountered a Lapwing, this is likely to be an indication to understand the idyllic nature that surrounds you.

    Lapwing Chick
    Picture by Heather Wilde on Unsplash

    Moreover, a Lapwing encounter may symbolize vulnerability. Lapwings nest in little scrapes within the floor and care for his or her younger with devoted consideration. Regardless of this, the interval the place the Lapwing’s chicks first start leaving the nest is extraordinarily delicate and plenty of Lapwing chicks are picked off by predators. A Lapwing encounter could symbolize the safety of a guardian or mentor towards the tough realities of the grownup world.

    Lapwing in Mythology & Folklore

    Mythology surrounding the Lapwing is widespread and various. In Sri Lanka, for instance, sure species of Lapwings are stated to embody the souls of ladies who’ve died by suicide. One thing in regards to the Lapwing’s putting plumage appears to encourage all kinds of folklore and superstition. (11)

    Christian/Jewish Mythology:

    As talked about above, the Lapwing would be the offender behind the thought of rabbits laying eggs on the Easter vacation. This little bit of folklore could have influenced all the growth and traditions concerned with one in all Christianity’s most necessary vacation celebrations.

    Egyptian Mythology:

    In Egyptian artwork, the Lapwing is commonly depicted with human arms raised in reward of the pharaoh or the gods. Symbolically, the Egyptian depiction of the Lapwing is related with servitude and subjection. Many murals and reduction sculptures depict the pharaoh standing on the backs of Lapwings with disabled wings. Some artwork connects the Lapwings with the Egyptian individuals whose position it’s to serve and worship their pharaoh. Different depictions use the Lapwing to depict enemies of Egypt which have been humbled by its may. (12)

    Greek Mythology:

    The Lapwing options in some variations of the parable of Procne, Philomela, and Tereus. In response to legend, Procne was married to Tereus, the king of Thrace. Someday, Procne begged Tereus to permit her beloved sister Philomela to come back to Thrace and go to them. Tereus agreed and the sisters had been fortunately united. Tereus started to lust after Philomela throughout her go to and devised a plan to rape her. He lured Philomela to a cabin within the woods and attacked her. When he had completed, he reduce out her tongue in order that she might by no means inform her sister what had occurred. Intelligent and determined for revenge, Philomela wove a tapestry which defined the violent occasions and confirmed it to Procne. Procne was so offended that she enacted revenge on her husband by slaying their younger son and feeding him to Tereus. When Tereus discovered, he chased the 2 girls into the woods. Afraid and offended, the ladies prayed to the gods to et them escape. The gods answered by turning all three of them into birds. Procne grew to become a swallow, Philomela grew to become a nightingale, and Tereus grew to become both a Lapwing or a Hoopoe relying upon which model of the parable you learn. (13)

    Lapwing Spirit Animal

    If the Lapwing is your spirit animal then you’re in all probability a laid again and sociable one who does issues at their very own tempo. Lapwings are sometimes described as “lazy” in flight, however the Lapwing spirit animal at all times will get to the place it must go, even when it entertains a couple of diversions alongside the way in which. Folks with the Lapwing spirit animal like to journey and discover, however they recognize having a comfortable place to come back residence to.

    Close Up of Lapwing
    Picture by Sonia Nadales on Unsplash

    In case your spirit animal is the Lapwing then chances are you’ll discover that you’ve a bent to fall in with a nasty crowd or be judged based mostly upon the chums that you just hang around with. Do not forget that the corporate you retain is necessary. You don’t have to evaluate or hate anybody, however surrounding your self with good vitality is more likely to carry that vitality into your life.

    Lapwing Totem Animal

    In case your totem animal is the Lapwing then you’re artistic in nature and like to search out profession alternatives that help you specific your self. Folks with the Lapwing totem animal take pleasure in music and artwork as profession paths, however they’re additionally nice at connecting with individuals and are well-suited to issues like remedy, counseling, and mentoring.

    The Lapwing totem animal is courageous, assured, and rolls with the punches simply. This kind of vitality could be very engaging to others and makes the Lapwing an excellent good friend and teammate. Lapwing totems are likely to have massive social circles.

    Lapwing Energy Animal

    If the Lapwing is your energy animal then chances are you’ll be blessed with a novel skill to search out adventures. Life has a manner of locking us into routines that many discover boring or stagnating. Folks with the Lapwing energy animal know learn how to discover the adventures that on a regular basis life presents.

    The Lapwing energy animal is spontaneous and unafraid to shake issues up. Final minute journeys, uncommon new hobbies, and veering off the overwhelmed path provides taste to on a regular basis life. The Lapwing is nice at figuring out alternatives to savor this.

    Lapwing Tattoo Which means

    A Lapwing tattoo could symbolize something from Irish satisfaction, as this fowl is the unofficial Nationwide Chook of Eire, to journey. You might select a Lapwing tattoo to symbolize wanderlust or spontaneity.

    A Lapwing tattoo may additionally symbolize mistaken id. Mistaken for Killdeers with regards to the “damaged wing show” and mistaken for bunnies with regards to Easter eggs, the Lapwing is the topic of a lot confusion.

    A Lapwing tattoo may additionally be chosen within the fashion of Egyptian artwork. Be mindful, nevertheless, that almost all Egyptian Lapwing imagery is said to subjection and servitude.


    Lapwings is probably not tremendous acquainted to our readers from the Americas, however in a lot of Eurasia these birds are a typical and iconic sight. Regardless of this, Lapwings are in decline in most of the habitats the place they’re mostly discovered. Land administration practices over the past a number of a long time have made it tough for Lapwings to nest safely. It’s an unlucky risk that these once-common birds could finally change into severely endangered if their habitats usually are not preserved. Lapwings, to me, symbolize the plight of all of earth’s birds and our duty to search out methods to coexist with and protect their delicate populations. (14)