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Mockingbird Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


    The mockingbird is most well-known for the mimicry which provides this songbird its identify. Mockingbirds are identified to imitate the songs and calls of an array of different birds together with bluebirds, sparrows, wrens, and jays. Some mockingbirds even “mock” the sounds of different animals like crickets or cats, and will even mock human-produced noises equivalent to automobile alarms or squealing tires. Native solely to North America, it’s straightforward to see why the mockingbird has turn into such an necessary image inside the USA. Present in various Native American myths and tales, mockingbirds have had a large influence on American literature, tradition, and identification. (1)

    Mockingbird Symbolism and That means

    Mockingbirds mainly symbolize imitation. That is due to their “mocking” behavior. The Northern Mockingbird’s scientific identify is “mimus polyglottis” which suggests “many-tongued mimic.” The mockingbird represents studying, memorization, plagiarism, and music. (2)

    Mockingbirds are socially monogamous and exit of their means to decide on a associate who aggressively defends the nest and is an energetic and devoted father or mother. Thus, mockingbirds might characterize communication, stability, protection, safety, parenthood, or dedication.

    The Northern Mockingbird is the state chook of a number of U.S. states. Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Texas all honor the Northern Mockingbird as their state chook. For Texas particularly, the Northern Mockingbird’s intense safety of its house was supposed to represent the Texan spirit. (3)

    Mockingbird on Fence
    Picture by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

    Mockingbirds are well-known for singing lengthy into the evening. That is particularly widespread when the moon is vibrant, however in the course of the seasons when mockingbirds sing essentially the most, late evening songs are fairly widespread. A mockingbird’s track might characterize the tranquility or isolation that dusk brings.

    One of the crucial celebrated items in your entire canon of American literature is Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird. This novel explores life within the South in the course of the early twentieth century from the angle of a younger lady nicknamed Scout. Continuously learn in public colleges and cherished for its nuanced have a look at racial themes, To Kill a Mockingbird is so-named as a result of mockingbirds play an necessary symbolic position inside the e book. To Kill a Mockingbird is a narrative about childhood and a younger little one’s perspective on the injustices of the grownup world. The mockingbird represents innocence.

    “Mockingbirds don’t do one factor however make music for us to take pleasure in. They don’t eat up folks’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one factor however sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird.”

    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (4)

    Mockingbird with Berry
    Picture by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

    Mockingbirds are so necessary in American tradition, the truth is, that Thomas Jefferson, a founding father and the third president of the USA, revered them. Mockingbirds have been generally saved as pets throughout Jefferson’s time and he was very happy with the singing talents of his pet mockingbird, Dick. Dick was even allowed to fly freely by way of the house and would take meals instantly from Jefferson’s lips. (5)

    Mockingbird Native American Symbolism

    Mockingbirds seem in Native American cultures in all kinds of various varieties. Numerous sources state that many tribes affiliate these birds with intelligence. Such sources even embrace accounts of traditions whereby the heads or hearts of mockingbirds could be fed to younger youngsters with the expectation that this might make the youngsters develop as much as be intelligent. (6)

    Some traditions forged the mockingbird because the guardian of the lifeless. Maybe the fierce protecting conduct of those birds contributed to their notion as a guardian spirit.

    Mockingbird Christianity Symbolism

    Mockingbirds are solely present in North America and, as such, haven’t performed a serious position within the improvement of Christianity and Christian imagery. One main Christian theme which can join with the mockingbird is deception. The satan is usually characterised as a “silver-tongued” liar who will tackle any type to drive folks to sin. The imitations of the mockingbird may very well be thematically linked with this concept, nonetheless these birds are clearly innocent and extra precisely mirror the wonder and complexity of nature.

    Mockingbird Celtic Symbolism

    Mockingbirds will not be present in Europe, however Celtic mythology does embrace a number of significant songbirds. The mockingbird could be linked, for instance, with the birds of Rhiannon. Rhiannon is a crucial goddess who embodies queenship, otherworldliness, and female energy. Rhiannon entertains guests to the realm of the supernatural by permitting her choir of songbirds to sing for them. (7)

    Mockingbird in Goals

    Dreaming of a mockingbird may point out various issues relying upon the dream. Dreaming of listening to a mockingbird, for instance, might point out a way that issues will not be what they appear. When you may hear the sounds of a frog, a wren, or a automobile alarm, the mockingbird has tricked you with its mimicry abilities. This could be a reminder to look deeper into issues and never consider all the pieces that you just hear at face worth.

    Dreaming of a mockingbird’s nest may point out safety or protection. Maybe such a dream is reminding you to face your floor in opposition to the forces that threaten you. It doesn’t matter what, concentrate on defending your peace.

    A mockingbird dream may additionally characterize self-expression. Dreaming of a mockingbird might remind you that your voice is a present, and one that you’re free to make use of to your coronary heart’s content material.

    Mockingbird Encounters and Omens

    A mockingbird encounter is a reasonably widespread expertise all through a lot of the USA. These birds are remarkably effectively tailored for surviving and thriving in city and suburban environments. Because of this, a mockingbird encounter might merely act as a reminder to understand the adaptability and fierce great thing about the wildlife that coexist inside human habitats.

    Mockingbird on Wire Fence
    Picture by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash

    Listening to a mockingbird singing may point out one’s need to slot in by imitating others. Just be sure you sing your individual distinctive track together with the songs that you just select to repeat.

    Encountering a mockingbird could be a signal of fine luck and safety on the subject of one’s house. Mockingbirds are intense nest defenders and might typically even acknowledge and reject nest parasite eggs like cowbirds. (8)

    Mockingbird in Mythology & Folklore

    Mockingbird folklore is proscribed to the Americas, nonetheless Native American folklore has a lot to say about these charismatic birds. The next are only a few Native American mockingbird myths.

    Native American Mythology:

    One Mayan legend describes how the mockingbird grew to become such an amazing singer while the cardinal saved a rougher voice. On this story, the cardinals have been as soon as a rich household amongst birds and their daughter even had her very personal maid. That maid was a younger mockingbird. The cardinal’s father wished his daughter to turn into a phenomenal singer so he employed a trainer for her. The younger cardinal was lazy and useless, nonetheless, and he or she by no means paid consideration throughout classes. Her maid, the younger mockingbird, would hear rigorously to her grasp’s singing coach and would apply by herself within the woods. At some point, the cardinal determined that his daughter would placed on a live performance for all the birds. Panicking, the younger cardinal fashioned a plan. She knew her maid might sing, so she had her disguise in a hole tree and sing the notes whereas the cardinal pretended. Their scheme was found, however to the mockingbird’s shock, everybody was so happy along with her track that they forgave the foolish trick. The cardinal by no means realized to sing, however the mockingbird grew to become the best singer of all. (9)

    Based on one other legend, the mockingbird as soon as lined up alongside all the different birds to obtain colours and songs from the creator. The creator painted every chook one after the other in stunning shades of blue, inexperienced, yellow, and pink. The raven was impatient and used its massive physique to push its strategy to the entrance of the road. When he burst to the entrance, the raven tripped and fell in some black paint. As punishment for bullying his strategy to the entrance, the creator left the black paint on the raven’s feathers and solely taught him to squawk. The mockingbird was the final in line and waited patiently. When his flip lastly got here, the one colours left have been black and white. As a reward for ready patiently, the creator gave the mockingbird a sample of fairly grey feathers with white below his wings. Then, he taught the mockingbird all the different chook’s songs on high of his personal. The mockingbird’s persistence was rewarded with a present for singing and studying new songs. (10)

    Mockingbird with Nest Material
    Picture by Paul Criminal on Unsplash

    Mockingbird Spirit Animal

    If the mockingbird is your spirit animal then you’re possible a inventive and expressive one who likes to be taught. The mockingbird spirit animal is pushed by curiosity and loves studying new issues about its environment. Though the mockingbird spirit animal tends to be extra of an observant persona, one this spirit animal feels comfy, it may be very social and even brash.

    Individuals with the mockingbird spirit animal are inclined to take pleasure in quiet actions, like people-watching and studying, virtually as a lot as they like being the focal point and entertaining others. The mockingbird spirit animal loves to attach with others by way of inventive expression.

    Individuals with the mockingbird spirit animal are usually trustworthy to a fault and don’t again down from a problem. The mockingbird spirit animal fiercely defends the issues that matter to it. Individuals may discover somebody with the mockingbird spirit animal to be abrasive, however that is simply because this spirit animal doesn’t sugarcoat its emotions or intentions.

    Mockingbird Totem Animal

    The mockingbird totem animal is related to vigilance and safety. For the mockingbird, the nest is a sacred house that should be served and guarded in any respect prices. Mockingbirds are monogamous, however will abandon a mate who fails to contribute to the nest or interact as a father or mother. Individuals with the mockingbird as their totem animal give their houses and households all the pieces that they’ve bought.

    Baby Mockingbird
    Picture by Arturo Alvarez on Unsplash

    The mockingbird totem animal may additionally be linked with braveness. When push involves shove, the mockingbird doesn’t hesitate to harass or threaten bigger birds or animals that snoop round its nest location. With a very powerful factor on the earth on the road, the mockingbird doesn’t again down. Individuals with the mockingbird totem animal will possible relate to this ferocity and sense of singular function. The mockingbird totem animal abhors injustice and won’t stand for it.

    Mockingbird Energy Animal

    The mockingbird energy animal is, predictably, linked with voices. Individuals with the mockingbird as their energy animal command their voice and perceive its significance as a device. A voice can construct somebody up, can heal wounds, can tear down enemies, and might negotiate a vibrant future for its proprietor. The mockingbird’s energy means that you can totally grasp and harness the ability of your voice and phrases.

    In instances of misery, the mockingbird energy animal lends you the ability to decide on the fitting phrases. For consoling a harm beloved one, nailing a job interview, or sharing onerous truths, the mockingbird energy animal is a superb ally.

    Mockingbird Tattoo That means

    A mockingbird tattoo can have a variety of meanings. For Native American cultures, such a tattoo may characterize intelligence, expression, persistence, or the guardian of the realm of the lifeless.

    For literature followers, a mockingbird tattoo could be chosen to characterize innocence. It could additionally characterize a few of the necessary messages discovered inside the pages of To Kill a Mockingbird.

    A mockingbird tattoo may characterize pleasure and patriotism for residents of Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Arkansas, or Mississippi.

    Lastly, a mockingbird tattoo may characterize safety, creativity, braveness, tenacity, imitation, or curiosity.


    Mockingbirds are fascinating animals and there may be a lot way more that may very well be stated about them. The track of a mockingbird displays this chook’s magnificence whereas additionally highlighting the wealth of sounds and songs that make up its atmosphere. In its personal means, every mockingbird’s track is sort of a love letter to the neighborhood the place that particular person chook was raised. For that purpose alone, I believe mockingbirds are one thing very particular.