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Money to the Rescue – Angel Canine Diary


    “I’m going to resolve the disaster of low pay and money move issues,” mentioned Money. I’m going to challenge Tin Bonds. Every bond is price 10 tins and price 2 tins. For each bond we promote, we get an extra 8 tins!”

    “It’s genius, I’m a genius!”

    The canines ran to their stacks of financial savings to purchase the great worth bonds and so the value of the bonds rapidly elevated, first to three tins, an hour later to 4 tins, after which to five, 6, and seven tins!

    “We’re in enterprise once more,” howled Money. “As a result of I’m such a genius, I’m positive you all agree I can have a bonus of 30% of the incoming tins. The remainder will exit within the economic system to pay all of the excellent salaries. Everybody wins.”

    All of the canines danced and cheered for Money. The canines that purchased the bonds made big income, (particularly the early traders) and most canines obtained a promised pay enhance. The brand new tins in circulation taken from financial savings paid the excellent salaries. The economic system is sweet!

    Pricey Diary, I should be silly, however I ponder the place these tins promised within the bonds got here from? What am I not getting?