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Movie | Northern Gannets Diving at RSPB Bempton | UK’s Largest Mainland Colony




    Northern gannets dive at such phenomenal speeds it’s solely as a result of their distinctive organic make-up they don’t break their necks. They do have occasional collisions with each other although! See these wonderful seabirds hunt, courtroom, and produce up their fluffy-white chicks on the UKs largest mainland gannet colony.

    Yorkshire sea birds


    The Yorkshire coast is well-known for its sea chicken colonies. There are greater than 200,000 breeding sea birds at RSPB Bempton Cliffs, with every little thing from Atlantic puffins, northern fulmars, razor payments, to guillemots.


    Yorkshire boat journey


    I watched gannets searching on a ship journey from Bridlington harbour run by Yorkshire Coast Nature.


    Northern gannets


    Annually some 11,000 breeding pairs cling to slim ledges on the sheer 400ft-high cliffs to construct their nests.


    Watching from sea


    The right place to observe gannets as they hunt is at sea. Gannets have adopted fishing vessels for hundreds of years within the hope that they’ll feed from any undesirable fish so it’s commonplace for them to observe boats, hoping we are going to toss stuff their approach.


    Gannet courtships


    On the cliffs you’ll be able to glimpse their lovely courtship shows. Gannets are monogamous, breeding with the identical associate yearly, and in February they reinforce their bonds with beautiful shows, rubbing beaks and pointing their lengthy necks skywards. Competitors for the perfect nest websites on this precipitous cliff face may be fierce and dramatic fights typically get away.


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