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My Canine Killed a Squirrel! 10 Issues to Do Subsequent



    Anybody who has ever walked a canine is aware of how they’re in squirrels. Chasing squirrels generally is a canine’s favourite pastime! Whereas most canine won’t ever truly catch one, it does occur. Then, in fact, the predatory intuition will kick in, and earlier than you already know it, the squirrel has been chased down and killed.

    There are doubtless a number of totally different ideas that you’ve got presently. Every part from feeling unhealthy in regards to the squirrel to questioning about any ailments that your canine may need picked up.

    Right here, we cowl 10 issues to look out for and different steps to take, in addition to if you ought to be apprehensive about your canine after the squirrel encounter.

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    The ten Issues to Do When Your Canine Killed a Squirrel

    1. Don’t Fear About Rabies

    squirrel on a tree
    Picture Credit score: GeorgeB2, Pixabay

    Rabies will at all times be essentially the most vital concern {that a} canine proprietor may have when their canine interacts with wildlife in any method.

    The excellent news is that squirrels are not often contaminated with rabies (the identical goes for rabbits, birds, and different small rodents).

    Rabies will kill a squirrel earlier than it may infect the rest, and a canine can’t contract rabies by consuming it. Raccoons and bats are the animals that mostly infect others with rabies.

    2. Look Out for Worms

    Squirrels carry worms, so it might be a good suggestion to have your vet test your canine for any doable worms or ailments. Roundworms are among the many commonest worms that canine can get from squirrels.

    The indicators of a worm infestation can embody the next:

    • Vomiting
    • Diarrhea
    • Weight reduction
    • Uninteresting, dry coat
    • Bloated stomach
    • Extreme scooting
    • Little white segments across the canine’s rear finish and of their feces (these seem like grains of rice)

    Most canine will seem unwell, and typically the worms will seem of their feces and vomit.

    3. Test for Squirrel Bites

    An owner checks her dog for ticks. Take care of dog
    Picture Credit score: Parichart Patricia Wong, Shutterstock

    Earlier than your canine killed the squirrel, there’s the likelihood that your canine may need been bitten.

    If the wound appears superficial, clear it with an antiseptic, and apply antimicrobial cream a number of occasions a day. Keep watch over it and look ahead to any redness or swelling.

    A extra severe wound, significantly a puncture wound, would require vet care. It should want a deep cleansing and doubtlessly, stitches.

    4. Know the Risks of Your Canine Working Off

    Even essentially the most obedient canine can overlook every little thing once they lock onto a squirrel and provides chase. This may doubtlessly result in the canine getting hit by a automobile or working too far and getting misplaced.

    Strolling a canine off-leash has its benefits however undoubtedly a number of downsides too. Try to be positive your canine is well-trained and able to stroll with no leash earlier than making an attempt it.

    5. Look ahead to Leptospirosis

    Blood sample tube for for Leptospirosis test
    Picture Credit score: Arif biswas, Shutterstock

    The prospect of your canine catching leptospirosis from a squirrel isn’t large, however there’s at all times the likelihood. This illness is contracted by way of the urine of an contaminated animal, resembling a squirrel.

    It has the potential to turn out to be deadly, so it’s an emergency state of affairs when your canine turns into contaminated. Leptospirosis can also be transmissible to people and different pets.

    6. Test for Ticks and Lyme Illness

    Whereas squirrels don’t have fleas, they do have ticks. With ticks comes the potential for Lyme illness, which has the next indicators:

    • Lack of urge for food
    • Joint irritation and ache
    • Lameness
    • Fever
    • Common sickness

    If left untreated, it may result in kidney injury. Fortuitously, it’s treatable, and your canine must be receiving annual tick, flea, and heartworm preventative therapies, anyway.

    7. Search for Indicators of Rodenticide Ingestion

    Black domestic dog are stoop body and vomit mucus
    Picture Credit score: Mumemories, Shutterstock

    This isn’t that doubtless, however there’s an opportunity {that a} canine would possibly eat a squirrel that has ingested rodenticides.

    Some householders use poison to eliminate pests, they usually would possibly place the rodenticide across the perimeter of their residence. If a squirrel eats the poison and your canine eats the squirrel, your canine may have additionally eaten the poison.

    Whereas it will likely be diluted by that point, small canine can nonetheless turn out to be fairly sick. Indicators can embody:

    • Diarrhea
    • Vomiting
    • Fatigue
    • Bleeding nostril or gums
    • Bloody urine
    • Problem respiration and panting
    • Gagging and coughing or wheezing
    • Seizures

    If you happen to see your canine with any of those indicators after an encounter with a squirrel, go to your vet or nearest emergency clinic instantly!

    8. Eliminate the Squirrel

    When the deed is completed, you should have a useless squirrel to cope with. The way you dispose of it is determined by your municipality and its bylaws, in addition to the place your canine killed the squirrel.

    Typically talking, if it occurred in your property, you possibly can bury it in your yard. Ensure that to bury it deep sufficient that your canine can’t get at it.

    In case your group’s legal guidelines gained’t allow you to bury it, place it in two rubbish luggage, and test with a neighborhood veterinary clinic to see if they will eliminate it. In any other case, contact Animal Management, which is able to doubtless choose it up and eliminate it.

    9. Keep Away From Lifeless Squirrels

    dead squirrel
    Picture Credit score: TilenHrovatic, Pixabay

    In case your canine didn’t kill the squirrel however discovered one already useless, consuming that squirrel may result in issues.

    Meals poisoning is a particular danger, in addition to parasites and micro organism that may result in severe diseases. For these causes, attempt to maintain your canine away from any useless animals.

    10. Don’t Punish Your Canine

    Even should you really feel horrified that your canine killed a squirrel, don’t punish your canine. This habits is 100% instinctive and fully pure for canine.

    Punishing them after they’ve achieved one thing that they had been bred to do will solely confuse them. When a canine brings the squirrel again to you after the deed, they’re truly bestowing a present. As a substitute of punishing them, take into account coaching them to not hunt squirrels.

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    Fast Suggestions

    If you happen to don’t need your canine to kill squirrels, you possibly can practice them not to take action. There are a number of strategies that you should use to tame your canine’s prey drive.

    Bear in mind, you will need to practice and redirect within the second. In different phrases, in case your canine kills a squirrel, it’s already too late to do something. As a substitute, the second that your canine turns into fixated on a squirrel is whenever you redirect them. Hold them leashed all through this course of.

    Moreover, if the issue is happening in your yard, attempt to maintain the squirrels out:

    • Take away any meals sources (together with birdfeeders).

    • Trim any lengthy branches so squirrels can’t soar to your roof or different areas.

    • Use lemon and orange peels in your backyard. Cayenne pepper and garlic powder additionally work, and there are business squirrel repellents that you may attempt.

    • A motion-activated sprinkler would possibly work to startle the squirrels.


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    Looking and killing squirrels is an intuition that’s bred into canine. It actually helps clarify why canine appear to have such a fixation on them! It’s unlikely that your canine will get sick from consuming a squirrel that they caught and killed, but it surely’s a distinct story with a squirrel that’s already useless.

    However you already know and perceive your canine higher than anybody. So, should you discover unusual habits or indicators of sickness after their encounter with a squirrel, take them to your vet instantly. It’s at all times higher to be secure than sorry.

    Featured Picture Credit score: RyanTaylor, Shutterstock