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Pleased Worldwide Orangutan Day! | Cincinnati Zoo Weblog


    Right this moment we rejoice probably the most endangered apes on this planet: orangutans! The Jungle Trails staff cares for one particular Sumatran orangutan right here on the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Backyard, Henry! Orangutans are thought-about semi-solitary apes so that they spend extra time alone than with others. Whereas Henry has had feminine orangutan companions up to now, he has proven a desire to a bachelor way of life which we respect. Henry can usually be discovered “hanging” round together with his gibbon associates Lance and Hosen.

    Categorized as critically endangered, Sumatran orangutans are considered one of 2 subspecies of orangutan (the opposite being Bornean). Orangutans are the one non-human nice apes discovered exterior of Africa and dwell in Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests. These apes are the biggest tree-dwelling animal and the one true arboreal ape. Actually, the identify “orangutan” interprets to “man of the forest” in Malay, the official language of Malaysia. In contrast to different nice apes, that are terrestrial and use a type of locomotion known as “knuckle strolling”, orangutans are thought-about modified brachiators. This implies whereas their gibbon associates (true brachiators) could swing from department to department, orangutans use their lengthy arms to maneuver rigorously from department to department. Since they spend a majority of their lives in tree canopies, a few of their largest threats are habitat loss and fragmentation, and deforestation.

    Some male orangutans develop fatty cheek pads known as flange on each side of their face, which is what provides them a definite face form. You can also make your personal orangutan masks by following the directions under!

    Shut Sufficient to Care:

    The zoo has a mission of getting visitors “shut sufficient to care” which is essential for not solely our visitor expertise but in addition our conservation efforts. For our workers and animals, nonetheless, this aim takes on an entire completely different which means. Jungle Trails keeper Stephanie talks about how we use shut relationships, and optimistic reinforcement, to care for Henry:

    Monitoring coronary heart well being is a vital part of caring for the apes on the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Backyard.  We started conditioning Henry, together with the bonobos and gorillas, to obtain an awake echocardiogram, an ultrasound of the center, in 2011.  In doing this, we’d have the flexibility to have a look at how the center is functioning with out having to have the animal below anesthesia.

    There are a lot of steps that lead as much as this – constructing a relationship with Henry by way of optimistic rewards, discovering what meals inspire him probably the most, and introducing all the gear wanted to carry out the ultrasound.  We started with a faux ultrasound probe made with a PVC pipe with an finish cap on it, simply so he would get accustomed to the feeling of it urgent on his chest.  When he was snug with that we began so as to add somewhat little bit of ultrasound gel, which is important for the pictures to return by way of.  Henry has by no means been a fan of the gel, however will endure it for some grapes and yogurt!   After this step, we launched a small ultrasound machine, simply sturdy sufficient to see the center to know the place the proper spot was on Henry to get the pictures of his coronary heart.  The ultimate step was to usher in the big ultrasound machine and in addition get Henry used to seeing our volunteer technician, Jenny Schaaf, who would run the machine and talk to me which approach to flip the probe to get all the pictures she wanted. Henry fortunately was not phased by the machine in any respect and did very effectively with seeing a brand new face!

    In addition to Henry did, male orangutans are extraordinarily troublesome to get nice photos on.  They’ve a big air sac that drapes over their chest and in addition a distinguished rib cage.  Since Henry’s coronary heart was wholesome at the moment, he solely acquired an ultrasound throughout his common checkups whereas below anesthesia.  Throughout his final checkup although, it was discovered that he had the beginning of some heart problems.  With this prognosis, we determined to start out up the awake echocardiograms and make some modifications to assist with the problems we had up to now.  Our upkeep staff has constructed a “coronary heart field” that matches over the port we use for Henry’s blood strain sleeve.  It is going to enable Henry to face ready the place his air sac can lay on prime of this metal mesh field and his chest may be nearer and extra accessible for the ultrasound probe to seize the pictures wanted.  Henry is doing nice together with his conditioning, he picked proper again up the place we left off like a professional!

    Together with echocardiograms, blood strain is one other essential issue of coronary heart well being that may inform us rather a lot about how our our bodies are functioning.  Henry’s blood strain coaching began in 2018.  Just like the ultrasounds, there have been an awesome many steps that led as much as reaching this habits.  Designing the metal mesh sleeve that Henry would place his arm into, discovering the correct measurement cuff, getting Henry used to all the shifting elements and in addition used to the feeling of the cuff squeezing his arm.  His main trainers labored diligently to make this course of a hit and Henry’s first readings have been recorded in March of 2019!  Some modifications wanted to be made to verify the readings have been correct, and now Henry voluntarily has his blood strain monitored a number of instances a month, so long as there may be pineapple concerned!”

    The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Backyard, and the Affiliation of Zoos & Aquariums, are each taking motion to assist orangutans, and you may too! Right here’s how one can assist:


    Good-looking Henry

    Henry and Lance the Mueller gibbon

    Henry and Hosen