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Procompsognathus – Info and Photos


    Fast Procompsognathus Info

    • Lived in what’s now often known as Germany
    • Might run as quick as an ostrich
    • Weighed as a lot as a liter of water
    • Its title means “earlier than elegant jaw”
    • Was an carnivore or insectivore

    Procompsognathus Photos

    About Procompsognathus

    Procompsognathus is a dinosaur that was found close to Württemberg, Germany in 1909 by Albert Burrer. In 1913, it was named Procompsognathus by Professor Eberhard Fraas – a reputation which implies “earlier than elegant jaw.” It was given this title as a result of its jaws are lacking among the elements that will evolve in later dinosaurs.

    Some attention-grabbing details about Procompsognathus are that it’s not solely one of many earliest dinosaurs, residing throughout the Triassic interval (about 222 million years in the past), however that it is usually one of many tiniest dinosaurs to ever dwell. This dinosaur was solely about 10 inches excessive (on the hips), 3.8 toes lengthy and weighed a mere 2.2 kilos.

    This dinosaur belongs to the Order Saurischia – which means that members of this household had been the early ancestors of contemporary birds. They’re also referred to as “lizard hipped” as a result of they’ve a hip construction that intently resembles that of a lizard. This features a pubis bone that factors downward and ahead.

    As you may inform from the Procompsognathus footage, these dinosaurs very a lot resembled lizards. They usually most likely moved very very similar to a lizard – utilizing fast brief bursts to cowl floor. This most likely made it a fairly environment friendly hunter for its dimension.

    Its food plan most likely consisted of small mammals, bugs and different reptiles. Which means that it food plan might have consisted of mammals such because the Tritylodon; bugs corresponding to spiders, millipedes and centipedes; and reptiles corresponding to Proganochelys. It’d even have been a scavenger – feeding off of the carcasses of animals which have already died. Nevertheless, scientists imagine that is most likely unlikely as a result of this dinosaur has a whole lot of small pointed enamel – which it wouldn’t want if it merely scavenged its meals.

    Paleontologists imagine that these dinosaurs might run in a short time. Whereas most estimates state that this dinosaur’s high velocity was most likely round 30 miles per hour, different estimates state that Procompsognathus might have been capable of attain a high velocity of 43 miles per hour. If that’s true, then that will imply this dinosaur might have run as quick as a modern-day ostrich!

    Procompsognathus Photos