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Second Okapi Calf Of The 12 months Born At Antwerp ZOO


    Seven months after okapi Lindi, okapi Zaire gave start to a brand new okapi on 7 October within the Moorish temple of Antwerp ZOO. The caretakers watched and noticed the animal being born dwell. It’s her first younger and every thing went effectively. It’s also his first offspring for sire Ubundu. Antwerp ZOO is the worldwide okapi professional and matchmaker for brand spanking new flocks in zoos and screens the welfare and survival of those particular, endangered animals. This start is once more unbelievable information!


    After a gestation interval of 14 months, okapi Zaire gave start within the late night of October 7. Within the run-up to the start, the caregivers took turns monitoring the webcam within the supply room. The whole crew was in a position to expertise the start dwell from dwelling at 10.15 pm. “Mama Zaire licked the calf fully dry. After 2 hours it stood up and we noticed it ingesting,” says caregiver Nicky.

    Caregiver Carina was the primary to see it in individual the subsequent morning. “It’s a good one with a top of 72 cm on the withers. Its weight of 17.5 kg is totally in proportion to its dimension. It’s a lovely animal with massive floppy ears and the everyday okapi striped poo. It is a male and mommy Zaire takes excellent care of it.”


    Like all different animals born this 12 months at Antwerp ZOO, the toddler was given a reputation beginning with an X. The keepers selected the title Xambo. His pores and skin is oily to repel water, identical to a raincoat, as a result of it rains rather a lot within the Ituri Forest in Congo. The hairs are quick and lie properly over one another. Its massive ears give it good listening to within the dense forest. Along with his lengthy greedy tongue, he even hits proper into his eyes. Very unusual, however just like the earlier new child Xandor, Xambo has a pink tongue. Usually okapis have an extended tongue of 35 centimeters in a blue-gray shade. “Two pink soles in a row, that is actually distinctive”, says coordinator Patrick, who has been working with okapis within the ZOO for greater than 32 years. Xambo stays good and heat within the secure. Solely after a month

    Do you know that small okapis solely do their massive errands after 4 to eight weeks? But they’ve been ingesting milk fortunately all this time. An extra benefit: manure smells and that scent attracts predators to the weak younger animal. With out stench extra probability of survival. Okapis are ruminants with a sophisticated digestive and intestinal system and primarily eat leaves. However first, they take pleasure in nutritious breast milk for six months. As soon as mature, males develop two horns on their heads which might be 10 to fifteen cm lengthy. They’re growths of their cranium which might be lined with pores and skin.