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The Change in Seasons – 10,000 Birds


    Bearing witness to the cyclical fluctuations of the seasons is a boon to the psyche on a degree that tends to go unnoticed and unannounced. We sometimes have fun sightings and never a change in air temperature or moisture content material. Right here within the tropics, our seasons don’t exhibit such excessive variations as larger latitudes (in both path) do. There aren’t any sudden swings in temperature of 20 or 30 levels – however there are subtleties to be appreciated by the eager observer.

    The shift in season is mirrored by the animals, some migrate, others sprout antlers, others put together for hibernation. In Tobago’s wetlands and forests we see the seasons altering within the faces of the birds. Step one in getting ready for the breeding season is preparing for courtship. Our timber don’t flip from inexperienced to orange as in temperate areas, however the onset of courtship plumage offers rise to an equally extravagant burst of color – albeit on a way more minute scale!

    The usually ignored Cattle Egret has legs that flip vibrant pink throughout this transient courtship interval. Its usually straw-coloured invoice flushes a gradient that ranges from yellow by way of pink into purple. Even its eyes change color!

    The lores and different naked elements of the Tricoloured Heron flip a vibrant blue. White plumes sprout from the again of its head, including to its irresistibility.

    Even species that don’t endure seen modifications (to us, at the least) start to behave in another way. The courtship dance is a sacred one, and it’s taken very critically by all involved. Presents are offered, heads are bowed, and tails are cocked. Are we able to welcome the subsequent season?