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Tiger Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)


    Tigers are revered round their world for his or her power and ferocity. From sports activities groups to model mascots, to people tales and idioms, the mighty tiger makes it presence recognized in cultures across the globe. On this article, we’ll have a look at a number of the most fascinating tales and concepts related with the mighty tiger, in addition to this striped felines function as a non secular information and inspiration. Whether or not you’re researching tiger mythology otherwise you’re merely drawn to this apex predator, learn on to be taught all concerning the tiger and its roles in cultures around the globe!

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    Tiger symbolism and that means

    Tigers are the biggest family members “felidae,” or the cat household. Famend for his or her power and searching prowess, tigers are related all through the world with power, ferocity, and lethal focus. Though in most areas, tigers hardly ever if ever hunt people for meals, within the Sundarbans area of India and Bangladesh, tigers hunt people so commonly that there are tracts of land that are too harmful for human toes to tread. So, tigers could characterize hazard, concern, or predation. (1)(2)

    Whereas tigers could also be man-eaters in some areas. The straightforward reality is that people pose a a lot better risk to those majestic cats than the opposite manner round. As a matter of reality, the tiger is reportedly rather more widespread in captivity than it’s in its personal wild habitats. Present reviews counsel that as few as 4,500 tigers exist within the wild right now. So, tigers could characterize conservation, endangered species, or environmental struggles. They might additionally characterize the fragile fantastic thing about the vanishing wilderness. (3)


    As a result of tigers are so fierce and wild, they’re usually related with fiery “firecracker” sort personalities. Tigers may characterize harmful or risky conditions. To “catch a tiger by the tail” is an idiom which refers to a scenario that’s unpredictable and harmful. It’s usually used within the context of getting in over one’s head unexpectedly. (4)

    In some elements of the world, tigers are related with numerous deities and spiritual practices. Because of this, a tiger will be seen as an emblem of sacredness or ritual. (5)

    The tiger’s stripes are used to camouflage this animal because it stalks by tall grasses. Although its orange coloration stands out to human eyes, most of its prey understand that orange shade as indistinguishable from inexperienced. Even for animals, like us, which see orange as distinct, the tiger’s stripes break up its silhouette and permit it to vanish into the foliage of the jungle. Because of this, tigers could characterize hidden hazard, unnoticed or forgotten issues, persistence, or thriller. (6)

    Tiger Native American symbolism

    There aren’t any true tigers within the Americas. There are, nonetheless, large cats because of the mountain lion or cougar which is widespread all through the Americas. These beasts are the biggest cats within the Americas barring the jaguar which is present in restricted sections of North America however will be discovered all through a wide variety inside Central and South America. Whereas neither the cougar nor the jaguar are precisely tigers, these massive cats are our greatest supply for understanding the tiger’s that means from a Native American context.


    In lots of Native American cultures, cougars are considered unhealthy luck or symbols of witchcraft or hazard. The yowl of a cougar is usually regarded as a harbinger of demise for individuals who hear it. Regardless of this, many different Native American cultures join cougars with therapeutic medication, management, power, and wealth. Some tribes have even taken the cougar as a consultant clan animal. For the Pueblo individuals, the cougar is the directional guardian which is related to the north. (7)

    Tiger Jap Symbolism

    Tigers maintain a particular place in Chinese language tradition thanks, partially, to their place as one of many animals of the Chinese language zodiac. In actual fact, 2022 was a tiger 12 months!

    In accordance with Chinese language legend, the tiger is the third animal of the zodiac as a result of its place within the nice zodiac race. This race was held between the animals to find out their zodiac roles. The ox was the quickest, nonetheless the rat craftily rode upon its again and stole first lace by leaping from it. So, the rat after which the ox precede the tiger. Folks with the tiger as their zodiac signal are regarded as brash, assertive, and assured. (8)

    white tiger

    In Japanese and Chinese language mythology, the tiger is the king of beasts and is ready to ascend to this place as soon as it has lived for 500 years. When a tiger has lived for 500 years, the parable states that it turns into the “Byakko,” a legendary tiger whose brow stripes seem because the kanji image for the phrase “king.” The Byakko is ready to command the winds and reign over the beasts of the earth. Some myths maintain that this creature can solely exist throughout eras the place the ruling emperor is simply and smart. (9)(10)

    In a lot of Jap symbolism, tigers are related with forces of nature, particularly the wind and climate.

    Tiger Christianity symbolism

    Tigers don’t seem within the Bible, nonetheless lions seem very often. In lots of cases of Christian symbolism, lions are paired with lambs to characterize divine peace and concord, for less than below supernaturally peaceable circumstances might a lion and lamb stay with each other with out concern, violence, or animosity. (11

    In a lot of the Bible, lions are used as both symbols of hazard or the enemies of God, or alternatively, they’re offered as symbols of God’s power and skill to imbue power into his followers.


    Being thrown to the lions is a standard motif related to Christian martyrdom. That is exemplified by the story of Daniel and the lions.

    “Then the king commanded, and so they introduced Daniel, and forged him into the den of lions. Now the king spake and mentioned unto Daniel, Thy God whom thou servest regularly, he’ll ship thee. And a stone was introduced, and laid upon the mouth of the den; and the king sealed it along with his personal signet, and with the signet of his lords; that the aim may not be modified regarding Daniel. Then the king went to his palace, and handed the night time fasting: neither have been devices of musick introduced earlier than him: and his sleep went from him. Then the king arose very early within the morning, and went in haste unto the den of lions. And when he got here to the den, he cried with a lamentable voice unto Daniel: and the king spake and mentioned to Daniel, O Daniel, servant of the dwelling God, is thy God, whom thou servest regularly, capable of ship thee from the lions? Then mentioned Daniel unto the king, O king, stay for ever My God hath despatched his angel, and hath shut the lions’ mouths, that they haven’t damage me: forasmuch as earlier than him innocency was present in me; and likewise earlier than thee, O king, have I achieved no damage.”

    — Daniel 6:16-22 (12)

    The next passage equally evokes the connection between large cats and martyrs.

    “Humble yourselves subsequently below the mighty hand of God, that he could exalt you in due time: Casting all of your care upon him; for he careth for you. Be sober, be vigilant; as a result of your adversary the satan, as a roaring lion, walketh about, in search of whom he could devour: Whom resist stedfast within the religion, understanding that the identical afflictions are completed in your brethren which are on the earth. However the God of all grace, who hath referred to as us unto his everlasting glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered some time, make you excellent, stablish, strengthen, settle you.”

    — 1 Peter 5:6-10 (13)

    Tiger Celtic symbolism

    Tigers don’t play a serious function in Celtic delusion or symbolism because of the truth that they aren’t discovered within the Celtic world. Regardless of this, the time period “Celtic Tiger” had discovered its manner into vernacular speech within the 90s and early 2000s. That is due to the financial state of Eire throughout this time. The Irish economic system boomed throughout this era to such a level that the facility and vitality of the tiger was ascribed to this Celtic nation. (14)(15)


    Tiger African symbolism

    As soon as once more, tigers will not be native to Africa and are thus not majorly important within the myths and cultures of this area. Different large cats, although, are extraordinarily important in lots of African cultures.


    One of many many Egyptian deities related to the solar is portrayed as a humanoid girl with the top of a lion. Sekhmet, the goddess of the desert solar, is related with therapeutic, safety, power, and energy. She is considered a divine lioness. (16)

    An historical Nubian god named Apedemak is depicted as a lion with three heads. This determine is regarded as a strong and lethal conflict god. (17) (18)

    Tiger in goals

     Dreaming of tigers could characterize management. A tiger dream could signify one’s ambitions or want to tackle a extra lively function in attaining one’s objectives. Dreaming of a tiger is an effective signal of an individual who desires to really feel in charge of their life.

    Tiger goals may symbolize hidden hazard. Make sure to observe your scenario fastidiously earlier than making a call. Hasty actions are sometimes adopted instantly by bitter remorse. (19


    Tiger encounters and omens

    Encountering a tiger is clearly a really harmful factor. Within the wild, tigers must be prevented and left alone in your sake and theirs. With that mentioned, a tiger encounter could characterize ahead motion. Tigers are typically considered symbols of progress or success.


    Encountering a tiger could also be a reminder to respect your home on the earth and keep in mind that there’s all the time somebody stronger on the market. The most effective factor to do is approacheach new scenario with persistence, humility, and pragmatism. (20)

    Tiger mythology and folklore

    The Hindu goddess Durga is alleged to have been created by the three major gods of Hindu mythology. She is alleged to have been created with the intention to defeat a demon which the opposite gods couldn’t handle to slay. As a result of she was sturdy sufficient to take action, she is usually considered being stronger, even, than the first gods of the Hindu canon. Durga is usually depicted as a many-armed girl holding a wide range of weapons and driving on the again of an enormous tiger. This tiger is her customary car or “vahana.” (21)


    Tigers seem in lots of different roles all through Hindu mythology and are related with lots of the strongest and sacred deities inside this faith. (22)

    Tiger spirit animal

    In case your spirit animal is the tiger then you might be doubtless fiercely impartial, strong-willed, and succesful. Folks with the tiger spirit animal are pure born leaders, nonetheless many will discover that they like working alone to main teams. The tiger spirit animal craves management over its territory.

    Folks with the tiger as their spirit animal are courageous, however could seem cautious to others as a result of they like to take their time and act when the second is true. The tiger spirit animal is affected person as a result of it is aware of that it may possibly obtain no matter it desires if given the time.(23)

    Tiger totem animal

    The tiger totem animal is related with secrecy. Folks with this totem animal are nice at holding secrets and techniques and perceive that the wisest factor to say is usually nothing in any respect. The tiger totem animal retains issues near the vest, solely revealing what is totally mandatory.

    white tiger

    Due to this, individuals with the tiger as their spirit animal could wrestle with letting individuals in or forming shut connections. Relinquishing management is tough, however it may be very mandatory for constructing significant relationships. (24)

    Tiger energy animal

    The tiger energy animal is related to achievement and efficiency. The tiger energy animal is assured in its skills and doesn’t concern failure. Folks with the tiger as their energy animal transfer by life’s challenges with a confident mindset which permits them to sort out any downside with a degree head.


    The tiger energy animal is never defeated because of its power and character. When life will get you down, make the most of this energy animal to embody the triumph that you simply want to expertise. (25)

    Tiger tattoo that means

    A tiger tattoo could also be of non secular or cultural significance, particularly to somebody from India or the Far East. A Chinese language tiger tattoo could characterize this animal’s function within the Chinese language zodiac.

    Tiger tattoos usually characterize power, braveness, perseverance, or management.

    tiger tattoo

    A tiger tattoo could also be chosen to characterize overcoming a selected hardship.


    Related around the globe with ferocity, power, and lethal accuracy, the tiger is really one of the vital majestic and awe-inspiring animals on this earth. It’s no surprise that so many cultures have discovered important roles for this animal inside their storytelling traditions and perception methods. There’s a lot rather more which will be mentioned concerning the mighty tiger, however suffice it to say that mankind has drawn inspiration from the king of cats since time immemorial.