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Tough Collie vs Australian Shepherd – How are They Completely different? (With Photos)


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    Tough Collies is usually a bit greater than Australian Shepherds. They have an inclination to face between 20 and 24 inches when totally grown, whereas Australian Shepherds have a tendency to face between 18 and 23 inches tall. Tough Collies can weigh between 35 and 75 kilos as an grownup, whereas Australian Shepherds can weigh between 30 and 65 kilos. Tough Collies are available in quite a lot of colours, together with white, merle, sable, and tricolor. Australian Shepherds could also be black, purple, blue merle, purple merle, and tricolor.

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    Rough Collie breed_vs_breed Australian Shepherd
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    At a Look

    Tough Collie

    • Common top (grownup): 20–24 inches

    • Common weight (grownup): 35–75 kilos

    • Lifespan: 14–16 years

    • Train: 1+ hours a day

    • Grooming wants: Average

    • Household-friendly: Sure

    • Different pet-friendly: Typically

    • Trainability: Average

    Australian Shepherd

    • Common top (grownup): 18–23 inches

    • Common weight (grownup): 30–65 kilos

    • Lifespan: 13–15 years

    • Train: 2+ hours a day

    • Grooming wants: Average

    • Household-friendly: Sure

    • Different pet-friendly: Typically

    • Trainability: Simple

    divider 9Tough Collie Overview

    The Tough Collie was initially bred to herd cattle in Scotland and England. At this time, they stay as pets in households of all sizes and styles. This breed has an extended, textured coat and an clever thoughts. The common Tough Collie is loyal and wanting to please their human companions. These canines additionally occur to like spending time round kids. These qualities are what made the breed such a very good choice for filming the “Lassie” motion pictures and tv exhibits.

    rough collie in the woods
    Picture Credit score: SGracheva_2610, Pixabay

    Persona / Character

    Tough Collies are recognized for being playful, sociable, and household oriented. They don’t like spending time alone and like to have somebody at dwelling with them all through the day. These canines like to play, so it’s at all times a good suggestion to ensure that quite a lot of toys can be found at any given time. Most Tough Collies look ahead to every day walks, journeys to the canine park, and time exterior within the yard enjoying fetch. They profit from social interactions however ought to be socialized from a younger age to make sure that they don’t change into too protecting over their human companions.


    Whereas Tough Collies are clever sufficient to take to obedience coaching effectively, their cussed streak can sluggish the method down. Persistence and dedication are two key elements in making certain success. These canines may also excel in service and agility coaching. Their agility and loyalty make them good service companions. Because of their unique breeding circumstances, they may also be taught to herd animals on a farm, though they aren’t as instinctual about it as they as soon as had been.

    Rough Collie
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    Appropriate for:

    Tough Collies are extremely affectionate and household pleasant, to allow them to get alongside in quite a lot of family conditions. They do like spending time open air within the fenced yard of a home, however they will do effectively in condominium settings if they will get out a few instances a day for walks and exploration. Farms and ranches are different nice areas for these canines to name dwelling.

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    Regardless of their title, the Australian Shepherd was developed in america utilizing pastoral canines that had been delivered to the Americas to herd Spanish sheep flocks. Now they’re popularly bred as family pets, just like the Tough Collie. They’re sensible, agile, energetic, and typically sociable, although if they aren’t used to being in social conditions, they will change into anxious round strangers.

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    Picture Credit score: izemphoto, Freepik

    Persona / Character

    Australian Shepherds are enjoyable to spend time with as a result of they’re open to new actions and adventures, and they’re normally laidback once they really feel assured of their environment. They play effectively with kids, they usually love nothing greater than to please their human companions. These canines don’t thoughts spending time alone however desire being with somebody or a minimum of one other animal in the home if they’re caught inside. This breed gained’t say no to a tenting journey or highway journey.


    These canines are very smart and susceptible to excel at obedience coaching. If began early, the common Australian Shepherd ought to be well-behaved in each non-public and public settings by the point they attain maturity. Like Tough Collies, these canines can do effectively on the subject of agility and service coaching. They may also be educated to herd farm livestock. They aren’t fairly as cussed as Tough Collies, so the coaching course of shouldn’t require as a lot endurance.

    australian shepherd dog playing fetch with a toy
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    Appropriate for:

    Aussies are appropriate for quite a lot of family environments. Their households can embody kids, seniors, and singles alike, they usually don’t thoughts rooming with different family pets. They like homes with yards however can do okay in residences in the event that they exit usually for adventures and every day train. They want greater than only a stroll and loo breaks, although; they thrive in a life-style that features loads of out of doors time.

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    Which Breed Is Proper for You?

    When deciphering whether or not the Tough Collie or Australian Shepherd is best for you, it is very important think about your life-style and the time commitments which you can make to make sure that your new pet seems like an integral a part of the household. When you’re extra adventurous and need a canine to go mountain climbing, tenting, and road-tripping with, the Australian Shepherd is perhaps your best option. When you’re extra laidback however don’t thoughts every day walks and spending time together with your canine, whether or not watching tv or washing dishes, the Tough Collie is perhaps best for you.

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    Each canine breeds are athletic, energetic, sociable, loyal, and clever. They had been each initially bred to herd livestock and at the moment, stay fortunately as family pets world wide. Nonetheless, there are just a few variations to be aware of, akin to the truth that Australian Shepherds want extra train and Tough Collies are extra consideration looking for. Which is best for you? That’s a query that solely you’ll be able to reply.

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