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What Are the “Guidelines” for Pairing Cats in Your House? My Favourite Suggestions & Methods!


    two ragdolls cats lying on the floor at home

    When you’ve jumped into proudly owning a cat, it’s simple to need one other furry buddy to maintain them firm—or just since you adore cats. We’ve all seen cute footage of cats cuddled up with one another, however introducing pets to new arrivals isn’t all the time simple.

    You may suppose there are set guidelines for pairing cats. Females with different females, or males with males, or maybe a feminine with a male. Gender doesn’t play as huge a component as you may assume although. Listed below are some “guidelines” that I’ve developed for pairing your present cat with the cute kitten you’re planning to undertake.

    My Prime 4 Guidelines for Pairing Cats at House:

    1. Comparable Age

    It may be difficult to introduce a cat to your family at one of the best of instances however a cat that’s the same age to your resident feline will probably be extra more likely to go well with their temperament. Matching an grownup with one other grownup, for instance, may assist stop an over-excited kitten from getting on an older cat’s nerves.

    Nevertheless, you do have to contemplate that the older the cats are, the extra doubtless they’re to have established territory in your house to battle over.

    Kittens With Kittens

    The best solution to pair cats in your house is by adopting two kittens from the identical litter. Kittens are essentially the most adaptable to new conditions—together with assembly new mates when you occur to undertake two kittens from separate litters. Adopting two kittens from the identical litter additionally ensures they’ll be aware of one another already, saving you from having to introduce them.

    Two kittens may even be higher in a position to handle one another’s excessive power ranges than when you pair a kitten with a senior cat. Kittens usually tend to play with one another somewhat than desire to loosen up.

    Youthful Cats

    Just like kittens, younger grownup cats are often extra more likely to tolerate a brand new feline buddy. They is likely to be much less inquisitive than kittens—or much less fast to befriend cats that aren’t their litter mates—however they’re typically extra accepting of latest cats. This isn’t all the time the case, so you continue to must make the right introductions to verify your cats are appropriate earlier than you formally welcome them house.

    If you happen to do wish to introduce a brand new kitten to your cat, the youthful your resident cat is the extra doubtless it’s that the preliminary assembly will go nicely.

    Grownup Cats

    Usually, the older the cat is, the much less doubtless they’re to simply accept a brand new arrival. Grownup and senior cats have had far more time to settle into themselves and carve out their territory. They’re additionally extra more likely to desire stress-free over taking part in with an brisk kitten.

    There’s additionally the likelihood that grownup cats have had extra unfavourable experiences with different felines. On this case, it’s unlikely they’ll take nicely to having one other cat of their house. This goes for the grownup cat you wish to undertake as nicely.

    Whereas this doesn’t imply you’ll be able to’t introduce a kitten or an grownup cat to your present cat, it’s best to take additional steps to make sure the preliminary assembly goes nicely. Needless to say some grownup cats may by no means be pleased with a brand new arrival and it’s best to take their preferences into consideration too.

    two bicolor Seal Ragdoll Cats on cat tree
    Picture Credit score: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

    2. Persona Sorts

    In terms of pairing cats, their temperament is simply as vital as their age. That is the place adopting an grownup cat can generally be higher than adopting a kitten. An grownup cat may have already settled into their persona and also you’ll be higher in a position to see in the event that they’re energetic, laid-back, or aggressive towards different cats.

    It’s much like how two kittens are sometimes extra suited to one another’s power ranges than a kitten and a senior cat are. In case your resident cat is happier napping all day as an alternative of taking part in, they’ll be much less more likely to get pleasure from having a wierd kitten pounce on them each time they cross paths. Equally, a timid cat is likely to be too cautious of a extra assured cat to kind a bond.

    3. Male or Feminine?

    No one actually is aware of whether or not it’s higher to companion feminine cats with different females, males with males, or pair a male with a feminine. When all is alleged and finished, it’s the age and personalities of the cats you’re introducing that play the most important half in a budding friendship or catastrophe.

    Feminine cats may be simply as aggressive as males, whereas Felines may be surprisingly timid. In terms of their persona, neutering doesn’t all the time change each side of their temperament. Whereas it’ll interrupt the extra hormone-driven conduct and it may be stated that neutered males are friendlier typically, neutering won’t make them friendlier towards different cats.

    Ultimately, the selection between female and male cats is a part of your private desire greater than a desire cats have for one another.

    4. Well being

    Introducing a brand new cat to your resident feline is all the time tense, even when your present cat is easy-going and younger sufficient to adapt simply. Cats like routine greater than the rest and a brand new arrival will trigger stress by interrupting their typical day-to-day actions, it’s inevitable.

    Most wholesome cats will adapt to their new companion, particularly when you ensure that the cats are appropriate and introduce them correctly. Nevertheless, in case your cat is older, injured, or sick, the stress may make their well being worse. In case your cat is getting on in years or has a medical downside, it’s greatest when you forgo adopting a brand new cat till they’ve recovered or handed on.

    Two cute Egyptian Mau cats
    Picture Credit score: Sarah Fields Images, Shutterstock

    Methods to Introduce a New Cat to Your Present Cat

    There aren’t any set “guidelines” on how it’s best to pair cats when you plan on adopting a couple of. Nevertheless, with so many cat lovers round, there are tried and true strategies of learn how to correctly introduce your new arrival to your present feline resident.

    The primary introductions are all the time the toughest and don’t all the time find yourself along with your cats being greatest mates. Utilizing the fitting technique will help to extend the percentages of one other cat becoming into your property however it additionally depends on the cats themselves. Listed below are my favourite strategies:

    1. Bear in mind Age and Temperament

    As we talked about earlier, age and persona are the 2 greatest components in the case of introducing a brand new cat. You’ll must rigorously take into account if the kitten you’re planning on adopting will probably be welcomed by your ageing feline or whether or not they’ll be too energetic to your older cat’s laid-back temperament.

    adult cat meeting kitten
    Picture credit score: Nihal Karkala, Unsplash

    2. Begin Introducing Scent

    Everyone knows canines are the champions in the case of good noses however cats depend on scents too. They’ll use their scent to mark you and their favourite sleeping spot as theirs and don’t take kindly to unusual smells—like that of the brand new kitten—invading their territory.

    Earlier than your outdated and new cats come shut to one another, you’ll want to introduce their scents first. You are able to do this by introducing a blanket utilized by the kitten to your present cat—and vice versa—to get each animals used to the scent of the opposite.

    As you introduce your new cat to your property, proceed to change objects they’ve used along with your present cat’s possessions.

    3. Separate Rooms

    It’s thrilling to carry a brand new cat house. To make the transition as easy as attainable although, it’s greatest when you begin with the cats in two separate rooms somewhat than soar straight into the primary assembly. It’s advisable to make use of a bed room or lavatory with a door you’ll be able to shut so you’ll be able to preserve a barrier between your present cat and their new roommate.

    4. Feeding Collectively

    Regardless of your cats being in separate rooms, you’ll be able to nonetheless encourage them to eat meals collectively by inserting their bowls on both facet of the door. This works greatest if the door to the room you’re holding your kitten in has a niche beneath so each cats can nonetheless scent one another whereas they eat. They’ll have the ability to inform the opposite is there even when they will’t see one another. It’ll additionally show you how to decide whether or not your cat is able to meet the brand new arrival or wants a number of extra days.

    Top view of two cats eating wet and dry pet food from ceramic feeding dish
    Picture Credit score: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

    5. First Assembly

    As soon as each cats are completely happy sufficient interacting with one another on their sides of the door, the next move is correctly introducing them. You can begin through the use of a gate of some variety that your cat can’t squeeze by way of or soar over. This fashion your cats can see one another however received’t have the ability to attain one another. As soon as they will tolerate the sight of one another, you’ll be able to take away the gate.

    Don’t go away your cats alone collectively till you’re positive they’ll get alongside. Not all first conferences go nicely. Whereas cats typically work out their issues themselves, they will trigger one another critical accidents if issues go improper. Within the worst-case state of affairs, you’ll must be available to securely intervene.


    Pairing your cat with a brand new feline buddy largely depends on their temperament and age. Figuring out whether or not they’ll get together with a brand new cat means rigorously contemplating whether or not they have earlier experiences with different cats or are too outdated to welcome such a drastic change of their routine.

    Typically, two kittens from the identical litter stand one of the best probability of getting alongside from the get-go whereas introducing a wierd cat can take some extra work. While you’re seeking to undertake, discover a cat with the same temperament to your present feline and introduce them slowly for one of the best outcomes.

    Featured Picture Credit score: xixicatphotos, Shutterstock