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Why DIY Raccoon Management Does not Work?


    Many householders discover DIY raccoon elimination tempting. They don’t understand that almost all DIY management efforts are ineffective and harmful. If you wish to take away raccoons out of your property, leaving the wildlife management to the professionals is greatest.

    DIY Elimination Strategies and Their Shortcomings

    DIY strategies sometimes contain trapping or humane harassment — utilizing noise and lightweight to encourage animals to vacate a property. Owners don’t perceive how resilient and adaptable raccoons are. Additionally, neighbourhood and city-dwelling raccoons are aware of individuals, so many DIY ways is not going to scare them away. Nonetheless, to drive the purpose house, let’s overview a number of in style DIY strategies and why they’re ineffective.

    1. Sealing Entry Factors

    One of many first issues owners will do after they understand they’ve a wild animal of their house is to seal any openings. Sealing entry factors isn’t the very first thing it is best to do as a result of it will probably entice the animal in the home. Additionally, in case you seal a mom raccoon outdoors and entice her infants inside, not solely may you encourage the mom to seek out various entrances, however you may additionally be chargeable for killing her infants.

    2. Utilizing Dwelling Cures

    Dwelling cures sometimes embody the usage of mothballs and ammonia or lights and sound. Whereas promoted as helpful chemical deterrents for raccoons, mothballs and ammonia are largely ineffective. Additionally, the chemical compounds are probably harmful for you and your loved ones.

    Whereas some animals may discover lights and sounds annoying and scary, raccoons are doubtless not one in every of them. The animals are so used to people that sound shouldn’t be that scary. Additionally, the attic offers many locations for raccoons to cover from the sunshine.

    Even when these strategies work, it’s only non permanent. When you take away the deterrents, the animals will doubtless return, particularly if your private home affords enough shelter and luxury.

    3. Trying DIY Elimination

    Some owners is likely to be brave sufficient to crawl into their attic areas and try a DIY elimination. Don’t be one in every of these reckless people. Raccoons are protecting and probably aggressive animals, particularly when cornered. Attempting a DIY elimination is a surefire strategy to injure your self and probably the animal.

    Risks of DIY


    Folks typically underestimate wildlife. Whereas animals might look cute and cuddly, they don’t seem to be. Wild animals are usually not pleasant and might assault if provoked or threatened. Raccoons, primarily due to their dimension and dexterity, are harmful.

    Additionally, these animals can carry and transmit a number of ailments. The one factor a house owner ought to do in the event that they discover a raccoon dwelling of their house or on their property is to name a wildlife management service.

    Skilled Elimination and Assured Success

    Wildlife management providers in Okanagan perceive animal behaviour and the proper elimination strategies. Hiring an expert and respected firm is the one strategy to obtain assured and long-lasting outcomes.

    Humane wildlife providers use exclusionary practices to take away raccoons, which is a non-confrontational method to elimination. The professionals will set up one-way exits on all major entrances and seal any secondary places. As soon as the animal leaves the property, it can not re-enter, giving the Skedaddle group time to find and take away any offspring safely.

    As soon as the animals are eliminated, the group will clear the realm and guarantee it’s safe. In case you have any future issues, you may all the time name the group again for help.


    The Skedaddle Distinction

    Skedaddle is a frontrunner in humane wildlife management. The corporate proudly serves the Okanagan area, serving to owners and wildlife reside harmoniously. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Management when you have a raccoon or wildlife downside. The corporate will ship a group of certified technicians to evaluate your property.