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Why Do Cats Hate Water So A lot? High 3 Causes Defined!


    Orange Devon Rex cat with glass of water by window

    In the event you’ve ever tried to wash your cat, you most likely know simply how a lot cats hate water. Most cats very distinctly hate water and getting moist in nearly any state of affairs, even when it’s a state of affairs they put themselves in.

    As in all issues, there are cats that love the water and swimming. Some cats even love water sufficient to leap in bathtubs or swimming swimming pools with individuals. These cats are few and much between, although (I’ve by no means met one!). Why do cats hate water a lot? It appears so unusual for them to hate one thing that can also be required for preserving them alive. There are a number of good explanations for why your cat hates water, although.

    High 3 Causes Your Cat Hates Water:

    1. Your Cat’s DNA

    The primary motive your cat hates water is their heritage. The predecessors to home cats lived in arid desert environments the place giant our bodies of water would have been non-existent. It’s constructed into your cat’s DNA that they need to be uncomfortable with extra water in a single place than you would possibly discover in a desert.

    orange and white cat standing in desert
    Picture credit score: Cole Keister, Unsplash

    2. Your Cat’s Coat

    It’s seemingly that cats are extraordinarily sad with the impact of water on their coats as effectively. Cats are identified for his or her fastidious nature and frequent grooming. In the event you’ve ever seen a moist cat, you know the way uncomfortable it appears to be like to be lined in all that moist fur. As a human, it may be uncomfortable to be soaked, so think about how uncomfortable it will be to be lined in fur that isn’t supposed for publicity to moisture.

    Cats’ coats are usually not made to repel water in the identical manner that some canine breeds’ coats are, so when cats are uncovered to water, they’re more likely to turn into soaked, heavy, and chilly simply and rapidly. Cats have a better physique temperature than people, so it’s vital for them to take care of their physique temperature at this greater baseline.

    grey striped cat climbing ladder out of pool
    Picture credit score: Diana Orey,Unsplash

    3. Your Cat’s Aversion to Uncomfortable Experiences

    Cats are extraordinarily explicit animals, as all of us effectively know. They sometimes don’t like new and unfamiliar experiences. Getting a shower or in any other case being uncovered to water is probably going an expertise that your cat will not be used to, which may make their want to combat when uncovered to water fairly excessive. Many cats enter a combat or flight mode when uncovered to water resulting from their discomfort with the expertise, which may result in each of you being injured.

    Cats additionally don’t like feeling like they aren’t in charge of their setting. Cats are agile animals which can be typically in glorious management of their our bodies, in addition to managing their setting. Cats can soar, climb, and shrink their manner all through their setting in a manner that few different animals can. In case your cat is immediately in a tub or rain storm, then they gained’t really feel like they’re in charge of their present setting, which may result in a way of panic.

    The extra your cat has destructive experiences with water, the extra seemingly they’re to combat it the subsequent time they’re uncovered. Typically, it doesn’t matter how laborious you’re employed to make water an fulfilling factor to your cat. In case your cat fights you throughout a shower, this will result in an aversion to repeating the state of affairs, even for those who labored to wash them gently, made the setting calm, and slowly and calmly helped them by way of the expertise.

    cat lying by the sea
    Picture Credit score: birgl, Pixabay

    Why Do Some Cats Like Water?

    It’s probably not clear why some cat breeds are inclined to take pleasure in water, though it’s constant sufficient amongst a number of breeds that it seemingly has a robust genetic hyperlink. Bengal cats are well-known for his or her enjoyment of swimming and trying to hitch their people within the bathtub or bathe.

    Different cat breeds which can be identified to love water are Turkish Vans, Maine Coons, and Abyssinians. The Maine Coon and Turkish Van each have a water resistant coat that’s just like water resistant canine coats. Maine Coons have been lengthy saved on ships as pest management.

    In Conclusion

    Typically, cats simply don’t like water, though there are some exceptions in particular person cats, in addition to breeds just like the Bengal and Maine Coon. In my expertise, only a few cats will take pleasure in getting moist!

    Your cat’s dislike of water is probably going multifactorial, combining two or extra causes for disliking water. Whereas it isn’t within the DNA of home cats to be comfy with water, there are different causes they’re more likely to be water averse. Disdain and mistrust of change and new conditions, a historical past of destructive experiences, feeling not in charge of their setting, and a way of discomfort related to a moist coat are all viable causes that your cat could hate water.

    Featured Picture Credit score: Külli Kittus, Unsplash

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