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Why Do Cats Lick You And Then Chunk You?


    Have you ever ever been interested by why cats will lick after which chew you? It’s an odd conduct, and one which doesn’t appear to make a lot sense. Is your cat making an attempt to inform you one thing? Are they indignant with you? Or are they only plain loopy?

    My cat, Princess Superb, is the most important offender of this behavior. After I get in mattress every night time, she jumps up and begins meowing and circling on my mattress, till I pet her. She begins purring, her eyes shut softly and finally, she sits down. If I cease petting, I get yelled at. So I do as I’m informed and I proceed. However then after perhaps one other 5-10 minutes of me gently petting her whereas watching TV, she abruptly bites, hisses and stares again at me like I’ve dedicated some terrible offense. After which she leaves. Clearly she’s simply telling me she’s had sufficient.

    However first listed here are some indicators your cat isn’t in a very good temper

    First, let’s perceive some frequent cat physique language that alerts that your cat is in a foul temper.


    Take note of the place of your cat’s ears. In the event that they’re flat or pointed backward, your cat isn’t feeling glad.

    Pupil dimension

    Additionally, discover the scale of your cat’s pupils. In the event that they’re dilated (massive) then your cat could also be careworn.

    Tail and fur

    In case your cat’s tail is down, or curled beneath them, or their fur is standing on finish – don’t have interaction along with your cat. Additionally, in case your cat is swiftly swishing his tail again and for, then he’s most likely not in a very good temper.


    cartoon siamese cat that is unhappy with ears back, dilated pupils, fur on end and tail swishing

    For those who’ve recognized that your cat is in a foul temper, again off and provides her or him some house. By no means punish or yell at your cat and don’t take it personally except you’ve executed one thing to bother your kitty.

    Now let’s discover some theories about why cats lick after which chew. We’ll check out what this conduct means, and the way it may be interpreted. So when you’ve ever puzzled what your kitty is making an attempt to say, learn on!

    Idea 1: It’s a method of speaking

    There are a couple of completely different theories as to why cats lick after which chew. One idea is that it’s a type of communication. When a cat licks you, they could be making an attempt to indicate you affection, “I like you.” Nonetheless, the biting will also be seen as a warning – “Don’t get too shut, or I’d chew you!” In different phrases, your cat is saying – “I such as you – however don’t get grasping with my love – or else.”

    Idea 2: It’s a type of play

    One other idea is that this conduct is a type of play. Cats are pure hunters, and the licking and biting could also be a method for them to observe their looking abilities. This idea is smart when you think about that kittens usually have interaction on this conduct after they’re enjoying with one another.

    NOTE: By no means use your hand as a plaything or toy. Your cat will affiliate your hand with enjoying and also you’ll encourage them to assault your hand. And worse, if a visitor or baby involves your private home, everybody’s arms are truthful recreation to your cat. And when you may not thoughts it, your visitor might have a special opinion. Cat bites aren’t any joke and you could possibly be placing your cat’s life and your visitor’s life at risk. 

    Idea 3: They’re overstimulated

    One ultimate idea is that some cats might lick and chew as a result of they’re overstimulated. This will occur if a cat is petted for too lengthy, or in the event that they’re feeling anxious. For those who discover your cat beginning to lick and chew extra regularly, it’s essential to take a step again and provides them some house.

    Idea 4: They’re grooming you

    There’s one ultimate purpose why your cat might lick and chew you, and that’s as a result of they’re grooming you! Cats are fastidious creatures, and so they like to maintain themselves clear. However additionally they like to assist their fellow cats and people out by giving them a very good lick down. You possibly can regularly discover two cats licking one another after which biting – and it usually results in a tussle! So in case your kitty is licking and biting you, they could simply be making an attempt to groom you!

    So what does all this imply? Cats are complicated creatures, and their conduct can usually be tough to interpret. In case your cat is exhibiting this conduct, it’s finest to watch them carefully and see when you can work out what they’re making an attempt to inform you.

    In fact, this conduct will also be an indication of one thing extra critical, like nervousness or stress. For those who’re involved about your cat’s licking and biting, it’s at all times finest to seek the advice of with a veterinarian. They can assist you establish whether or not there’s an underlying medical situation inflicting this conduct.

    Does your cat lick after which chew you? Inform us within the feedback!

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