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Why Do Squirrels Chew on Fascia and Home Siding?


    Why do squirrels chew the siding and fascia of your house? Throughout the breeding season, pregnant females are looking for a comfortable place inside your attic to boost their infants. To get in, they solely want an area about two inches large. Nevertheless, there are different causes for squirrel chewing behaviour which are unrelated to nesting. Skedaddle explains the particular attract that siding holds for rodents and why squirrels really feel the urge to chew within the first place.

    Why Do Squirrels Chew Siding or Fascia?

    Nesting Behaviour

    Squirrels have two breeding seasons every year, one in spring and one other in late summer time. Throughout these instances, females seek for a heat and dry nesting spot that’s secure from predators. In pure areas, a gap in a tree would greatest match this description. In cities, nevertheless, the attic of a human residence looks as if the proper place to boost a household. As soon as squirrels notice it’s out there, they are going to use their sharp tooth to achieve entry to this prime location.

    Dental Well being

    Squirrels and different rodents have a pair of higher and decrease incisors that develop repeatedly. If the squirrels don’t gnaw on onerous objects to put on them down, the tooth will grow to be misaligned, and the squirrel will be unable to eat. Finally, the decrease tooth may even develop up by the cranium.



    Squirrels acquire vitamin by their incessant gnawing. Apart from cracking into nutritious nuts, additionally they complement their diets with minerals from bones, rocks, and even tree bark. For instance, it is not uncommon to search out previous deer bones within the woods with rodent tooth marks on them. Researchers have additionally documented rodents chewing on sure rocks that include calcium, magnesium, and different minerals the animals want.

    Emotional Nicely-Being

    A closing purpose that squirrels chew on the siding, fascia or roof of homes is that they merely can’t assist themselves. The urge to chew is instinctual and is a technique they cope with stress. When caretakers deprive captive rodents of chewing supplies, they undergo from stress-related sicknesses together with ulcers, bone loss, and cognitive dysfunction. Like canine, rodents lead happier, more healthy lives once they have one thing to gnaw on. Sadly, they’re utilizing your own home as a chew toy.

    Regardless of the motivation for a person squirrel to start out chewing on the surface of your own home, it’s unlikely to cease the behaviour as soon as it has begun. A squirrel’s tooth are extraordinarily robust, so supplies resembling plastic, aluminum, and copper aren’t any match for them. They could additionally try to chew on concrete or glass however can do little harm to those tougher supplies.

    How Do Squirrels Get On the Roof?

    Leaves and Particles

    Clogged gutters could make the sting of your roof weak to squirrel entry, so it is best to clear them commonly. Once you enable eavestroughs  to fill with water, they have an inclination to sag below the burden and create openings. Extra water within the eaves can maintain picket roof parts moist and promote rotten areas which are simpler for a squirrel to chunk into.

    Ice Dams

    Underneath-insulated attics are susceptible to ice dams and enormous icicle formations on the roof edge. These conditions happen when heat air from inside the home rises by the attic and melts the snow on prime of the roof. As melted snow flows downward, it contacts decrease temperatures and refreezes below shingles and the fascia on the roof edge. The added weight of all that ice places stress on the eaves, inflicting them to peel away from the home.


    Improper Roofing

    It’s unlucky that the fascia and eaves troughs of many houses are poorly constructed. This space of the roof is crucial as a result of it’s the place all of the water that hits the roof finally finally ends up. These buildings fail most frequently once they lack a correct drip edge to deflect water away from the fascia and into the eaves troughs. The result’s moist wooden that shortly deteriorates.

    You should definitely examine your roof continuously for harm. Any gaps or openings on the roof edge, regardless of how small, are an open invitation for opportunistic squirrels. With Ontario’s harsh winters, you will need to be sure to wash your gutters and eavestroughs commonly, totally insulate your attic, and conduct any obligatory roof repairs. If animals have broken your insulation, Skedaddle can take away and change it after disinfecting the realm.

    How Can You Inform Whether or not a Squirrel Has Been Chewing?

    Figuring out whether or not squirrels are the culprits behind your broken fascia or siding requires a little bit of detective work. Rodent tooth will depart a number of little parallel marks. When they’re chewing to achieve entry, they typically make a semicircular gap 4 to eight cm in diameter. In case you are not snug climbing a ladder to examine the realm your self, Skedaddle technicians are joyful to carry out this service for you once they assess your house.

    It’s simpler to determine whether or not squirrels live inside your own home than it’s to establish tooth marks. Listed below are some clues to search for:

    • Unusual sounds – It’s possible you’ll hear tiny ft working, squirrels scuffling, or acorns rolling throughout the ground.
    • Brown stains on the ceiling – Squirrels, like different furry creatures, urinate a number of instances per day. Liquid coming from a whole household of them initially soaks into nesting materials, however it could finally seep into the ceiling under.
    • Nuts and acorns – Squirrels eat and retailer an enormous amount of meals. Discovering entire nuts or shells across the roof or within the attic is an indication they could be dwelling there.


    How Skedaddle Helps With Squirrel Removing

    Skedaddle just isn’t like different squirrel removing companies that merely lure and relocate wildlife. As an alternative, Skedaddle technicians first consider your house to find out the place squirrels are getting in. They’ll discover and take away any animals, permitting the mom to take her infants to a extra applicable den.

    As soon as the squirrels are gone, Skedaddle will seal each level of entry in order that the state of affairs doesn’t happen once more. Retaining them out is vital as a result of squirrels pose a security threat. As they assemble nests, squirrels will shred insulation and wiring, which may trigger {an electrical} brief that finally leads to a fireplace.

    Why do squirrels chew fascia? It’s possible you’ll by no means know for positive. But when squirrels are chewing on your own home or have already gotten inside, then it is best to contact Skedaddle instantly for assist with squirrel management.