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Why do woodpeckers wish to hammer on homes? And what can I do about it?


    A black and white bird with a red cap perches on a log.
    Acorn Woodpeckers have been identified to make holes in homes to retailer their acorns. Photograph by Maureen Sullivan through Birdshare.

    Woodpeckers normally hammer on homes for one in all 4 causes:

    1. As a result of it makes a satisfyingly loud noise that proclaims the hen’s territory and attracts a mate. If the birds are drumming for these causes, they may most definitely cease as soon as breeding has begun within the spring (they don’t drum when searching for meals).
    2. As a result of the hen desires to excavate a nest or roost gap. If the woodpeckers are making a nest cavity, the outlet will likely be spherical and enormous. Nesting holes are normally constructed at first of the breeding season between late April and Might. If you might want to evict woodpeckers from your private home, intention to take action both earlier than or after the nesting season.
    3. As a result of it’s feeding on bugs residing within the siding. If the birds are searching for bugs, the holes will likely be small and irregular. You will have to name an exterminator to eliminate the underlying insect downside. Woodpeckers are significantly keen on the larvae of carpenter bees, leafcutter bees, and grass bagworms. .
    4. As a result of they’re storing meals. In case you are situated within the West, Acorn Woodpeckers peck dozens or lots of of acorn-sized holes into giant timber or homes, and stash a single recent acorn into each.

    Tips on how to get woodpeckers to depart a home alone

    An adult carpenter bee and woodpecker damage due to foraging for carpenter bee larva on fascia boards of a house.
    An grownup carpenter bee and woodpecker injury as a result of foraging for carpenter bee larva on fascia boards of a home.

    As soon as why woodpeckers are hammering on your home, you’ll be able to develop methods for stopping them. Check out Can Woodpecker Deterrents Safeguard My Home? for concepts on how one can take care of troublesome woodpeckers.

    Researchers on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have carried out research relating nuisance woodpeckers. One examine, Exterior traits of homes vulnerable to woodpecker injury, discovered that lighter coloured aluminum and vinyl sidings are much less more likely to be broken by woodpeckers. One other paper, Evaluation of Administration Methods to Cut back Woodpecker Harm to Properties, examined six widespread long-term woodpecker deterrents: life-sized plastic owls with paper wings, reflective streamers, plastic eyes strung on fishing line, roost bins, suet feeders, and a sound system which broadcasts woodpecker misery calls adopted by the decision of a hawk. Researchers discovered that nothing deterred woodpeckers on a regular basis, and solely the streamers labored with any consistency.

    Woodpecker damage due to foraging for carpenter bee larva on cedar trim boards of a house
    Woodpecker injury as a result of foraging for carpenter bee larva on cedar trim boards of a home.

    Householders have reported some success deterring woodpeckers with windsocks, pinwheels, helium balloons (shiny, shiny Mylar balloons are particularly efficient), strips of aluminum foil, or reflective tape. Different individuals maintain woodpeckers away by overlaying an affected space with burlap or attaching hen netting (the sort designed for gardens and fruit timber) from overhanging eaves to the siding. In the event you use netting, make sure that it’s taut and set a minimum of 3 inches from the siding to keep away from birds pecking by it. Shut off openings on the edges to forestall birds from changing into trapped between the netting and the home.

    You might also wish to plug the holes with wooden putty to discourage additional exercise. If a woodpecker has dug a roost gap into your home, make sure that there are not any birds inside earlier than sealing it up.

    By no means use any sticky “repellent,” resembling Tanglefoot Pest Management, Roost-No-Extra, or Chicken Cease, outdoor. A lot of these merchandise can fatally injure birds and different animals.