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Why Does Your Cat Seize Your Hand & Chew You? 8 Doable Causes


    cat bites the woman's hand

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    Cats have a status for being aloof and unbiased, however scratch the floor of their cool angle and also you’ll discover an extremely loving and affectionate pet. You do must be taught their love language. They’re not massive on hugs and cuddles like canines, and a few of their behaviors are downright perplexing.

    Certainly one of these is grabbing and biting your hand out of the blue. One minute, you’re petting them whereas they’re purring up a storm. The subsequent factor you already know, you’ve received these sharp enamel and claws sinking into your pores and skin like a bear entice. What provides?

    Listed below are 8 doable explanations for why cats like to chew you, plus some tips about the best way to forestall it from taking place sooner or later.

    The 8 Doable Causes Why Your Cat Grabs Your Hand and Bites You

    1. They’re Teething

    Kittens begin getting their enamel at round 3 to 4 weeks. Whereas their teething part is often uneventful, their gums could really feel sore and uncomfortable, very similar to it does with human infants.

    Your kitten is likely to be biting your mushy and heat hand to assist relieve the ache and strain of their rising enamel.

    agressive or playful cat bites humans hand
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    2. They’re Displaying Petting-Induced Aggression

    Petting-induced aggression in cats is also called love bites, and that’s precisely what they’re! Your kitty is biting you to not trigger hurt or out of anger, however as a result of they’re having fun with the petting a lot.

    Love bites often begin as gentle nips, then progress into light bites with their paws locked onto your hand or hurt. Generally, petting-induced aggression additionally entails bunny kicks or light scratches with their hind legs.

    3. They’re Feeling Playful

    In case you’ve ever seen cats enjoying, you already know it may well get tough! Except for being enjoyable, feline playtime additionally permits cats to observe their searching, stalking, and attacking abilities. That’s why you’ll see a number of leaping and pouncing along with biting.

    While you’re petting your cat whereas they’re within the temper to play, they may instinctively chew and swat your hand as if it have been their prey. It’s their approach of claiming, “Let’s play!”

    red domestic cat bites owners hand
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    4. You’re Touching a No-Go Zone

    Each cat has sure areas of their physique that they don’t wish to be touched. Relying in your kitty’s preferences, these areas could possibly be their ears, tail, ft, or stomach.

    For many cats, although, their stomach is the primary no-go zone. Their stomach is a weak a part of their physique they usually could really feel threatened when it’s touched. As soon as that occurs, they might chew and seize your hand as a approach to cease you from petting them.

    Tip: Does your cat generally flip over and expose their stomach to you (particularly once they’re relaxed)? That’s not an invite for petting. It’s only a signal of belief, so be respectful and depart them alone.

    5. They’re Burdened Out

    Cats might be extremely delicate and anxious creatures, which suggests they usually want their very own house. In case your cat begins biting your hand if you’re petting them, it could possibly be their approach of telling you that they want a break from all the eye.

    aggressive gray cat biting the owner’s hand
    Picture Credit score: Sozina Kseniia, Shutterstock

    6. They’re In Ache

    Biting and grabbing could also be your cat’s approach of telling you that one thing hurts. As an illustration, when you begin petting behind their ears they usually abruptly seize your hand, it could possibly be an indication of an ear an infection. Or, in the event that they chew your hand if you contact their tail, it could possibly be an indication of a flea infestation.

    The identical goes for any a part of their physique that you just contact. So, in case your cat bites you with out warning, it’s a good suggestion to take them to the vet and have them checked out.

    7. They’re Getting Overstimulated

    Cats have heightened senses, and it doesn’t take a lot for them to really feel overwhelmed. Being touched an excessive amount of and for too lengthy may cause sensory overload.

    When your cat begins getting overstimulated, they might chew or seize your hand to warn you that they want a break.

    white and black cat biting finger
    Picture Credit score: crina doltu, Pexels

    8. They’re Feeling Static Electrical energy

    Some folks additionally assume that cats chew and seize fingers as a result of the stroking motions on their fur create static electrical energy. This might positively be the case throughout instances if you’re sporting wool garments or sitting on artificial materials.

    Even the mildest static electrical energy might be uncomfortable for cats, so they may chew your hand as a response.

    Is Your Cat Being Playful or Aggressive?

    In case your cat’s biting and grabbing habits is because of concern, sickness, or feeling threatened, it may well shortly flip right into a full-on assault. You’ll want to determine the warning indicators so you’ll be able to de-escalate the state of affairs and defend each of you from hurt.

    Listed below are some indicators that they are grabbing and biting out of playfulness:

    • Licking or nibbling in your hand as a substitute of biting down

    • Relaxed physique language, corresponding to a barely open mouth and relaxed facial muscle mass

    • Purring and meowing

    • Tail curling

    • Letting go instantly

    • Claws aren’t absolutely prolonged, or aren’t prolonged in any respect

    • Tender gaze and sluggish blinking
    black cat playing with woman hand and biting finger
    Picture Credit score: dashtik, Shutterstock

    If, then again, your cat is aggressive and feels threatened, their physique language might be totally different.

    Listed below are some indicators to look out for:

    • Growling and hissing
    • Sharp targeted gaze
    • Stiff posture
    • Ears pinned again towards their head
    • Fur bristling
    • Tail swishing shortly
    • Claws absolutely prolonged and biting down exhausting

    In case you discover any of those indicators, it’s necessary to take just a few steps again and provides your cat some house. Don’t attempt to pet them once more till they loosen up and present indicators of belief.

    Tips on how to Cease Cats from Biting & Grabbing Arms

    Even essentially the most playful bites kind your cat can harm you – human pores and skin is far more delicate than their fur. So, it’s necessary to show your cat that biting and grabbing shouldn’t be acceptable habits.

    Listed below are some tips about the best way to cease cats from biting and grabbing fingers:

    Cease Playtime When They Seize and Chew

    Persevering with to maneuver your hand whereas your cat is chomping down on it makes it extra enjoyable – their prey is making it tougher! The second they begin the habits, cease shifting your hand and interesting. Finally, they’ll be taught that grabbing and biting equals recreation over.

    domestic shorthair cat biting into a pink ribbon
    Picture Credit score: Carsten Reisinger, Shutterstock

    Redirect Their Consideration

    When your cat begins biting and grabbing your fingers, distract them with a toy or give them one thing else to chew and seize. That is particularly useful in the event that they’re doing it as a result of they’re teething. They want one thing to chew, nevertheless it doesn’t need to be your fingers.

    Get Them Checked by Your Vet

    Simply to rule out any underlying medical points, it’s greatest to take your cat for a check-up on the vet when you discover any sudden change of their habits – together with aggressive biting and grabbing.

    Do not forget that cats are knowledgeable at hiding sickness and ache. They need to be, as a result of within the wild, displaying that form of vulnerability would make them simple prey.

    Your vet can examine if there’s any a part of their physique that hurts and supply correct therapy.


    For essentially the most half, your cat grabs and bites your hand as a result of it’s a part of their nature. It’s one of many many distinctive methods they specific their affection, love, and playfulness.

    In case you don’t them to maintain doing it, set some boundaries concerning the habits. Lastly, cats are advanced creatures. One thing so simple as grabbing and biting your hand could also be an indication of one thing extra severe, and a visit to the vet could also be so as.

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