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Why Is My Cat Consuming Christmas Tree Water? 7 Causes and Cease It


    christmas tree water

    Celebrating the vacations can deliver out the most effective in us, however it could possibly deliver out the silliness in our cats. As an illustration, cats drink from the Christmas tree’s water.

    For probably the most half, ingesting from Christmas tree water might be chalked as much as odd kitty quirks. Nonetheless, if you wish to resolve this conduct to forestall it, you have to to know why your cat ignores the water bowl in favor of tree water.

    The High 7 Causes Your Cat Is Consuming Christmas Tree Water

    1. The Water Bowl Is Soiled

    When was the final time you cleaned out your cat’s water bowl? The meals and water bowls needs to be cleaned steadily, and if it has been some time for the reason that final rinse, you could be lengthy overdue.

    If the water bowl is soiled, it’s only pure that your cat would keep away from it in favor of the cleaner Christmas tree water.


    Clear out the bowl frequently and alter the water day by day. As soon as your cat begins getting contemporary water in his bowl, he’ll probably neglect the Christmas tree water and begin ingesting from his water bowl once more.

    tabby cat sitting next to a bowl of water
    Picture Credit score: Impression Pictures, Shutterstock

    2. The Temperature of the Water Is Not Proper

    Cats might be finicky creatures. They will have sturdy opinions about many issues, certainly one of which is the temperature of their water.

    In case your cat’s water temperature is to not his liking, he’ll in all probability not drink it. As an alternative, he might drink the Christmas tree’s water whether it is nearer to his temperature preferences.

    A superb method to decide whether or not your cat wants colder or hotter water is to seek out the opposite locations he tends to drink water. If he drinks water from the nice and cozy bathtub, he wants hotter water. If he drinks from the chilly faucet, the cat prefers colder water.


    If it’s worthwhile to repair the temperature of your cat’s water, you could wish to contemplate investing in a tool to manage the water temperature. To make the water hotter, strive the PETKIT Good Water Hotter. For colder water, strive the INSTACHEW Puresmart Water Fountain.

    3. The Measurement of the Water Bowl is Not Proper

    The key behind why your cat won’t drink from his water bowl might don’t have anything to do with the water. As an alternative, he could also be avoiding his water bowl due to the bowl itself.

    In case your cat is older or struggles with arthritis, he might have a tougher time bending down to achieve the water bowl if it rests on the bottom. One other risk may very well be that his bowl is just too slender, and his whiskers brush towards the perimeters. This may make his whiskers oversensitive and trigger him to keep away from the water bowl.


    To resolve this difficulty, you need to determine why he avoids the bowl. Whether it is too low for him, contemplate buying an elevated water bowl to minimize the pressure on his physique.

    If the problem is that the bowl is just too slender and it brushes uncomfortably towards his whiskers, search for a wider bowl or a lipless bowl.

    bengal cat playing water in the bowl
    Picture Credit score: kalyanby, Shutterstock

    4. Your Cat Does Not Just like the Style

    It’s possible you’ll be questioning how a cat may choose the style of 1 water over one other. Isn’t water simply water? It seems that a number of elements can have an effect on the flavour of the water. One is the fabric of the bowl.

    Cats are inclined to choose ingesting water from stainless-steel or ceramic bowls. One of the best ways to find out in case your cat’s difficulty is the bowl’s materials is to concentrate to different locations he drinks. If he tends to drink from the bathroom or the bath, that would point out that he desires to drink from ceramic!


    Should you assume that your cat wants a distinct materials for his water bowl, you should buy a brand new dish. There are many decisions for stainless-steel bowls and ceramic bowls.

    5. The Water Bowl and Meals Bowl Are Too Shut

    Your cat may very well be searching for water elsewhere if the water bowl is just too near his meals. Cats choose to maintain their water and meals separate. So, if the bowls are too shut, your cat might keep away from ingesting from the dish and resolve to go to your Christmas tree.


    The answer to this drawback is to maneuver your cat’s water bowl to a location farther from his meals.

    pet food and water bowl
    Picture Credit score: Piqsels

    6. Your Cat Likes to Drink from Greater than One Supply

    One motive your cat could also be ingesting from beneath your Christmas tree is that he likes to have a number of choices. Within the wild, cats choose to drink from a number of water sources as a result of it’s safer for them if one is unavailable.

    The intuition carries over to home cats, who might really feel antsy if there is just one water supply. At any time when one other supply turns into accessible, comparable to your Christmas tree, your cat might leap on the alternative to drink elsewhere for a change.


    Investing in a number of water bowls is the straightforward reply to this drawback. It’s best if the water bowls are unfold over the home, maybe a few of them being hidden, as cats might really feel safer if the water is in a extra non-public location.

    7. Your Cat Likes the Style of Christmas Tree Water

    It isn’t unusual for cats to drink plant water, and Christmas timber are included. Plant water has a novel, pure style as a result of elevated oxygen and mineral content material, and plenty of cats benefit from the style.


    In case your cat has an urge for food for plant water, it might be laborious to get him to cease. One resolution is to limit his entry to the Christmas tree with aluminum foil or some type of netting. An alternative choice may very well be to spray cat repellant across the tree in order that he’ll keep away from it.


    Cats are quirky creatures stuffed with unusual habits. Nonetheless, a lot of their odd behaviors are strategies of communication. When your cat behaves weirdly, he could also be attempting to speak his must you. Reasonably than dismiss all of our cat’s actions as foolish behaviors, it’s worthwhile to dig a bit deeper and discover the basis of the conduct—each to your cat and to your Christmas tree!

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